How To Add An Online Only Activity To My Learning Plan Catalog

Marijuana preferences, crippling anxiety, self-esteem issues…I’m a professor with a pretty rigorous exercise calendar. So, yeah, I totally need help understanding drug use and how it’s impacted my past.

How is it that online and offline activities don’t seem to have any distinct distinctions? Sometimes the very act of using a notebook or pencil only seems to bring out the same weakness and short-sightedness in us all. While most people are able to curb their wandering eyes and eerily inclined need of blank notebooks, I’m not one of them. I am constantly in a state of anxious panic of forgetting to take notes in class while simultaneously roaming the halls searching for a time to work on my upcoming report. So, what was I doing when I got the opportunity to connect with a great teacher, Benjamin Koren of Macarthur College, and get a second chance to build my personal online catalog? I was invited to have a teaching opportunity at Macarthur and did a lot of soul searching. I wanted to get a sense of what Mr. Koren’s teaching style was and to leave with an enjoyable experience to build a more holistic skill-based learning catalog that would suit me better on a daily basis.

To add an online component to my learning plan, Mr. Koren asked his students what they wanted to learn. Mr. Koren then presented an online experience with web-based assignments and a real-time online journal. A major component of all of these components was that it was not tied to homework or the rest of the school. It was a fun way to dip my toe in the world of advanced technology to build my skill set. Now, I’ve worked in both the classroom and corporate sectors. Part of my responsibility is to incorporate technology into my work. Not only do I feel it’s the norm, but it is essential. But there is a fine line between computer and robots. Whether you work on a computer or in the office, you need to get out of your office chair to exercise your body and keep you healthy. By doing so, you’ll be more alert and more apt to stay focused on the task at hand. When you’re at your computer, there are risks around distraction, which I’ve mentioned in my previous article. With your eyes off the task at hand, it’s easy to get too distracted.

Some of the things I enjoyed about this opportunity are seeing the reading list that students came up with. The choice of topic may be varied, but the intent is highly aligned to the core things my students are doing on a daily basis. Every year, my teachers do some research to help the students build an online catalog. It’s always fun to see what themes their struggle with and how much they enjoy going back to it years later. At the end of each class, my teachers often ask students to share their experiences through a blog post so that other students can benefit from their struggles. And so we continue to learn and grow as we age. Some of the cool and unique features of the program Mr. Koren’s students use is to search online for other courses within their major and to look at the map to see how many of their other students have taken a course with the teacher. Through this feature, you can compare for yourself what courses your friends took. This is not to sound like a “shhhhh” to you ladies, but this is the real world and some men are going to want to live by women’s rules. Besides, if I’m going to study the world, I should have some say in what gets taught to me.

The online experience with Mr. Koren provided me with a great way to enter a world of personalized learning opportunities and learn from an actual teacher. In addition to that, I look at that first step in my online catalog from a personal level and have taken notice of skills I can build and improve upon based on what I heard about Mr. Koren’s style of teaching. It was a great learning experience that I’ll be trying to incorporate into my learning plan as a personal review.

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