How To Add An Online Only Activity Course To My Learning Plan Catalog

While I loved creating and curating videos, one thing I didn’t love was having to upload them. Here’s how I got rid of that stress.

Now that you have a college or university in mind, how are you getting the skills you need to succeed? Let’s talk: Online classes have been making waves in the educational community over the past decade. The reasons are numerous: there are structured, well-designed courses that can actually last a course of study (with content lasting a semester or more, at that); it’s a great way to earn a meaningful degree; and it allows you to get assignments on-site whenever you choose to take a class. These online classes, in other words, make learning a rewarding venture and are great for anyone who is looking to save on tuition costs or learn new things.

Lately, though, college has been all about more traditional methods of learning — in fact, college admission officers are now asking for written applications, no less. So, how is one supposed to factor in a digital curriculum into their overall application package for college? For most, this can be done through the college transcript they submit, but for those who don’t have a college credential, that route may be too late. What are the steps? What is considered acceptable, and what isn’t? How are the majors acquired at college, and how do you use them to effectively study? What kind of skills are important to obtain in the classroom and at the beginning of your career? More than ever, the college process is informed by activities. New graduate skills require new graduate skills. Everything is interactive.

And who doesn’t love learning and growing? So, here are some actions to take during your application process and into your college experience.

Take An Online Only Activity Course

This sounds funny at first, but remember: not every college will have an online only presence. And if you’re hoping to enroll in one, you may be looking at thousands of dollars in tuition costs. Also, you don’t want to cut any corners! Every dollar counts at this stage of the game. So, take an online activity course. The activity course concept is pretty easy to understand, and it works great for students looking to make an impact and earn valuable college credits. It’s student-designed and usually more realistic. You can run it whenever you’re available, and some activities can be completed in a weekend or two. The benefits? The online courses are more effective for career paths in a particular area than a traditional college course would be. They won’t give you the same coursework, but they’ll give you opportunities for real-world work experience (business courses) that will be valuable as you move into more traditionally taught, paid jobs in your field. If you are looking to be a working mom, then the fact that a course can be run for free can be important.

Develop An Active Network

When you get into the college experience, the first big thing you’ll be doing is making contacts with professors and meeting people — no matter if you’re working on your CV or attending various networking events. So, the idea of adding an active network to your experience plan doesn’t sound like much — but if you think about it, it actually makes complete sense. Already having a list of colleges in mind to attend would be great, and an active network is worth its weight in gold. If you have jobs coming up or a career you want to get into, then networking will be your fastest route to that success. How? By doing things like attending networking events, making connections, and setting yourself up for a bit of success and a few free colleges (that’s a promise!).

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