How To Add An Online Course To My Learning Plan Catalog

Every learning management system has a section for virtual class offerings on the website. These courses are grouped and marked as packages to purchase, but do you have an online course package to add to your catalog?

How To Add An Online Course To My Learning Plan Catalog

Today, teachers now mainly implement online learning and instruction.

A typical school may have a small group of students called peers. A larger number of students are referred to as a cluster. The most commonly used arrangement is a blended learning environment: students work on their own projects as a group or a group of cluster members.

One approach to blending online with traditional learning is having a formal online component paired with a Classroom of the Future presentation or class. The remainder of the school day may still be devoted to subjects considered traditional or core.

Here are some things you can do to get the best balance of online with traditional:

If you have a Classroom of the Future teaching assignment, then the assignment is a “class presentment” in which students write an online report on that assignment, incorporating more of what they’ve been learning in school over the course of the semester. To make it more meaningful for the students, it helps them to connect not only to the project the project they write about the assignment, but also to the project they are working on in class.

Also, the presentation becomes an instructor’s work to assign to the students, giving them the opportunity to develop skills for practicing.

Another way to integrate an online component with a Classroom of the Future assignment is to incorporate multiple work options throughout the semester, so that students learn how to work with and learn from other students. That way, the students also develop the necessary skills to present in the Classroom of the Future.

This concept is especially critical for students who need to learn different skills (as everyone does) in their course of study.

Similarly, if you have an online course where one or more subjects require a less traditional delivery schedule, using Classroom of the Future expression can be very powerful.

Online courses also require continuous work to keep up with the skills students are learning. To keep the data accurate and up to date, face-to-face opportunities are essential to ensure that individual progress is measured and interpreted.

How to incorporate an online course into a Learning Plan

As you plan your course, consider an integrated model in which a traditional class is combined with an online course element. The flexibility of the online course could be used as supplemental feedback.

Group projects and assignments allow you to involve students at multiple levels in the learning process. Regardless of how much students work on the online course element, it is important to note that the class content will remain the same.

But once the class is completed, there may be an opportunity to add additional online courses when you assess the class. A good example of this approach would be to let students build upon what they’ve learned in class in order to apply it to the more specific ways the classes can be applied. The balance of both the traditional and online elements can help encourage a continuous level of feedback.

Finally, with the online element, you may not need to rotate it for each class. What if you can hold a group of students in a smaller class to revisit the same subject-matter after every semester or year? What if you can use that time to complete the learning tasks necessary for seeing how each group’s work matched up to the skills they were mastering?

Becoming more aware of technology’s growth and convergence as a tool to further enhance your course-level learning experiences makes great sense to me.

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