How To Adapt Teaching Clinical Breast Exam From Onsite To Online Learning

Providing comprehensive clinical breast exam to patients. Doctors practicing in ASCAs and other accredited health care environments, may be teaching their patients on-site, as a clinical education tool.

How To Adapt Teaching Clinical Breast Exam From Onsite To Online Learning

Introduction to Clinical Breast Exam Testing Online or In-Person

Learning is hard, but it can be even more difficult when there’s not enough time or incentive. We all have some insight that we know our bodies are capable of.

While some may lean toward online classes as a better learning experience, they also feel pressured to progress quicker. However, whether you choose to do it online or in person, someone has to take care of the actual exam, assessment and results.

Everyone knows taking your biopsy or mammogram exam is tough. This is when the decision is reached as to whether or not to perform invasive treatment like a mastectomy. While the decision may not be the most fun and engaging, you will be glad you made it when the test comes back negative.

Intervention Strategies

The decision to delay the mammogram or biopsy, or to not have the exam at all, is fraught with self doubt. We don’t take the right kind of care of ourselves, and we don’t listen to the process to identify what works and what doesn’t. As women, this isn’t due to lack of attempts, but due to factors ranging from which side of the bed we sleep on to inactivity that allows the imperfections in our bodies to show up to our exams.

Thankfully, this process offers opportunities to learn about ourselves and improve our procedures. There are a variety of free resources available to all women, even those who don’t want to take part in these options.

Luckily, the top three online courses are interactive and interactive will improve your techniques. Many free and low cost versions of these online courses offer supplemental help such as videos, quizzes, practice questions and supplementary reading.

This content is designed to reduce the guesswork of implementing your preferred strategies. With this kind of education, you will enjoy a better overall exam experience with a possible path towards keeping your cancer at bay.

There are several self testing options available, too. The easiest way to find these options is on your favorite search engine.

Keep a Record

By documenting your actions, and discussing them with your doctor or plastic surgeon, you can help manage and control the process. This will put you on the path towards improving your exams. You will be better equipped to make informed decisions and will improve the care you receive from the medical professionals who treat you.

Remember that almost every pregnancy is put under stress. When you decide to have your own procedure, you must keep the same attitude. Discussing these next steps and details with a physician will not only enhance your chances of achieving great exam results, but will also increase your level of confidence and ability to be self-managed in future.

​ 1. Know your options

Although the goal is to get the mammogram or biopsy to complete the course, that should not be your only goal. The exam should also take a look at your history and determine what treatments may be the most beneficial. After all, diagnosing breast cancer is very personal.

​ 2. Share tips with others

Since this is an exam that can be done anywhere, there is value in making this information available online to others who are interested. This way you are enhancing your experience and don’t leave it to chance, you also preserve your secrets.

​ 3. Make sure you list your symptoms in order of importance

Although breast cancer can be self-detected, these exams are more focused on highlighting changes in your health. Thus, it is important to put these exams in context with your other health conditions so you will be able to make the appropriate decisions as well.

Getting the exam right takes practice and dedication. Learn what works, and it will improve your experience and help you achieve other goals.

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