How Students Develop Online Learning Skills Roper

by Matt DeLucia Roper, an MIT-trained communications specialist. Matt advises universities, boards of trustees, and companies on communications for all levels of development.

How Students Develop Online Learning Skills Roper

By Kelsey Jones, Lizzie Roper, Toni Cravens

Today’s high school students may access far more educational opportunities than ever before. From private university applications to scholarship and pro bono opportunities, there is literally something for every student to interest them. Whether an aspiring student is interested in a fashion design career, a venture capital firm in New York, coding in Missouri, or a graphic design program in California, this morning’s latest project has college, internships, scholarships, and pro bono opportunities available to them.

As an online college with a non-profit background, Cyber University ensures a consistently high quality, academically rigorous education for students of all backgrounds. Cyber University allows students to enroll online to college courses of study, and a non-profit organization affiliated with Cyber University provides a steady stream of volunteer opportunities and academic mentorship. Online courses allow students to apply to selective colleges and universities by obtaining academic success—that is as well for high school students who are interested in a career in digital content design or graphic design. Cyber University is also a provider of virtual learning opportunities for international students. Students that have questions can contact someone at a volunteer level and ask for student tutors and mentors. Once they have successfully completed their online education program, they are then able to be enrolled in a traditional university such as Loyola Marymount University.

Nowadays, students are working harder than ever to impress prospective college admissions officers. Collegiate admissions offices are often overwhelmed by their applications, as students are using many forms and distributing them online. In a bid to curb student spending, the average student is submitting 13 applications to college. This huge number of applications is discouraging college boards from accepting any of them. With much competition from traditional, brick-and-mortar colleges, online education providers are also vying for students’ attention. Online education is available for a fraction of the cost of attending college, and students are asking themselves, “Is it worth paying for school when it’s so much easier?” Students want to choose an online education program that they think will prepare them for life after college. Traditional universities aren’t giving students the tools they need to make the best decisions, like digital media or graphic design, in order to be successful in the future.

We work on the creative side, and we develop the initial concepts that others later create. As a result, our students are able to develop the skills they need to succeed in college. Many of our students are exposed to the career field of graphic design, such as when they are working for their design company. As Lizzie Roper explains, “The graphic design industry is booming, thanks to mobile technology and millennials’ creativity. Our students, including myself, have connected with companies to learn how to come up with compelling and eye-catching visuals for their ads and websites.” These graphic designers are creating graphic design sites that are the envy of professionals in the field. If they couldn’t develop the skills, it would be very difficult for them to become the next great graphic designer.

In order to help students find more, find better, and ultimately find a career online, we at Cyber University believe that students must have access to a stable stream of role models and mentors. We are dedicated to developing our future workforce through volunteer mentorship programs. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, as our volunteers are able to gain valuable professional experience and learn new skills from fellow students. Most importantly, we are also able to help students expand their skillsets in an atmosphere where they feel valued, respected, and passionate about their accomplishments. Every year, we connect hundreds of student to thousands of mentor students. Together, our students and mentors learn new skills and develop career aspirations, which will make their lives that much easier in the future. Cyber University and our volunteer mentors are pleased to help empower students to succeed as well as build college reputation with college admissions offices.

We hope that this blog post can inspire students to find whatever their career interests may be, and that they will choose an education program that best suits their skills, strengths, and goals. If your students have questions about the future, their skills, or their next move, you can contact Lizzie Roper at Our volunteers are continually looking for students who are looking for someone to help them develop their skills. Apply at:

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