How Sell Things Online For Kids Learning

By Mary S Arendt
Online shopping is a big way we are raising children. We are letting them become accustomed to conducting business on a scale we can’t possibly hope to reach.

When it comes to collecting items that can be used to teach kids, the vast majority of tweens and teens are getting those things online, rather than through friends. And in today’s day and age, online product sales can actually be very profitable for Mom. The old saying, “Pricing is everything” is a quite clear one.

My kids are in the midst of their first taste of self-sales. This is a period that follows years of raised private revenue that must also put a sizable dent in Mom’s coffers. How do you market your children’s school toy collection so as to hopefully turn a profit? Here are my rules for making this happen without shortchanging your children:

Be Affordable.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to package a gift for children. Understandably, I won’t point any parents in the path of a tsunami of possible blunders as the purchase is made. However, I must counter any thoughts that my children’s gifts are excessively expensive. When shipping a holiday gift from home, many online sites will actually send my children a gift from the store before the order comes.

Part of the going rate for a hot new must-have item is the price the item gets listed at. I refuse to place a gift item under $50. Why? Money. It is not just enough for the child to get an item. The parent has to make sure the proceeds are going to the child.

Many of my favorite online business boutiques out there often list the items for children on their site for considerably less than the full retail price. If you go to Brookdale Bob’s Sporting Goods in San Jose, for example, you’ll notice that Bob’s sells children’s team jackets, varsity jackets, varsity shirts, varsity sweatshirts, varsity hats, varsity winter jackets and varsity summer jackets for as low as $10. A great example of this in action is this kids’ coat.

Why I Offer My Online Collection In Multiple Store Shelves

The expense of putting a school special item together, at a 50/50 cost split with your child, requires some serious retail planning. Make sure you’re in a position to have several sets of toys ready to go to market for your child.

Online shopping is a very different financial experience. When you complete a sale through an online store, it goes right into their profits. If it’s Christmas season, that’s a lot of profit. Most online stores offer the chance to sell some of their merchandise for their parents as well.

How Children’s Items Can Help Children Earn Revenue

Even in a child’s toy collection, items that are paired or dressed with other items and/or art have a great opportunity to make a profit for the child. When a child receives proceeds from a toy sale, it often creates an opportunity for your child to also earn revenue via merchandise sales. In this way, a child’s revenue stream has a slightly different revenue stream than a child’s teacher payment.

All Different Ways To Tie Money Sends Us A Glimpse Of All Gifts To Make

Kids often ask about a bracelet or necklace. I’ll ask them if they wear it often. They’ll say they sometimes wear it because it makes them feel good. However, they often do not earn money from their wrist because their teacher doesn’t pay a profit share for them. Rather, teachers usually offer some reduction on their report card.

At the same time, I also tell my children that when they make school for me (and they know that it works), I would be willing to sell and donate those profits. The profit share from that event usually goes into the class budgets for each child’s teacher to spend and do as they wish with the reported funds. The rest of the cash goes into the children’s tuition accounts.

I tell them that, at the end of the year, I’ll see that I need to add to my kids’ Christmas gift list. At that point, we’ll brainstorm a “money donation” for the next year.

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