How Researching Online Affects Learning About Nutrition

We thought we knew about our own dietary choices, but we apparently have a lot of learning to do. Researchers have shown that “research on the Internet can influence what we eat and the choices we make when shopping.

Robust new online research studies remind us how diverse and risky the issues facing the nutrition science community can be, with recommendations for decisions about everything from biofortification, to food loss and recovery, to health versus beauty. While there are many sensational stories about online nutrition misinformation, it is important to note that research and news online provide more comprehensive knowledge about food trends and better inform nutrition trends.

Micro Gangtastic: Fallout from E-Catspiracy Liveblog

While there are many notable articles appearing online, the most notable one is the infographic that explained the cheese content in a line by line accounting, then list it from worst to best. In addition to containing numerous studies, the infographic detailed a fairly high number of participating blogs and comments made. In terms of the discussion site that was taken down, it is also interesting to observe its popularity and the channel it had posted on. The Electronic Catspiracy website had almost 20,000 visits in September of this year, while many of the original participants had more than 16,000 likes and 2,000 comments. The blog is no longer online.

The different contributors had various interests and opinions on the topic. Some of the respondents to the original call for the post had negative reactions to the content, and discussion of this poll brought many of them to the blog. Others pointed out inaccuracies or counterfactual statements. The poll no longer stands at this time. While it is hard to say if the topic had any consequences, this graphic and related studies helped to clarify the findings of the research and discuss the topic in an open manner. While a site such as VeggieSwap currently faces serious criticism and has been temporarily shut down, it is important to consider the fact that nearly every other nutrition debate or criticism we know of is argued on a liveblogging site.

Micro Gangtastic: Single Nutrition Decoded: What’s Really in Juice

If you’re like us, then you enjoy the interview style of the academic research video, especially the way in which researchers often arrange questions and answer questions. Several interviews and articles have caught our attention recently.

Case Study: Brains of Nuts : Who cares what we know from a neuroscience study of peanuts? Don’t worry. Well, two researchers have found out.

Micro Gangtastic: Will Increasingly Popular Foods Stifle Teen Obesity?

The gist of the article: Adding more natural sugars to healthy foods may worsen the obesity epidemic. It is important to remember that low carb diets can cause other issues such as metabolic syndrome. So, if it turns out that these diets will lead to increases in pre-diabetes, heart disease, and strokes (at least in some populations), then this kind of research must be used as a caution to stay away from them.

Case Study: Foods to Avoid in Family: What you need to know about getting your kids to eat better.

Your kids are probably questioning the practice of eating dinner together, with their parents. The advantage of this type of meal schedule is that you get to see how your children respond to one-on-one interactions. If they were receptive to food in the home but still struggled with their meals in group settings, it is obvious that your meals are not aligned with their needs.

Attention to Nutrition Grows in the Age of Instant Food

This article provides a glimpse into the research that is being conducted regarding food. It is easy to get the idea that the evidence is sufficient to cast off the myths of food safety, but many nutritionists feel the need to counteract the myths via research. It is important to understand how the reactions and reactions to food are influencing the discourse on nutrition and healthy eating. It is important to evaluate and note the interactions of social media; from dietitians and other nutritionists who are looking to distribute their opinions. It is all in good fun, for sure, but it’s important to realize that research on many complex issues is crucial. We recommend you follow nutritionist and blogger Rob Long’s instagram page.

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