How Online Social Networking Facilitates Learning In Schools And Libraries

Online social networking has been used by various schools and libraries to bolster teaching and learning.

How Online Social Networking Facilitates Learning In Schools And Libraries

Every school has a few friends that come regularly. These people, all over age 10, talk about movies, their families, and the latest memes. These friends may only visit your library once or twice a year. But, their presence is critical, and is still critical in today’s educational environment.

Why? Well, here’s a simple fact: if all of the children around you don’t learn how to speak up for themselves, speak truth to power, work together, and collaborate in schools and in the community, it will be hard for you to complete your own level of education and lead a productive life.

Meet These Discouraged Students and Learn How They Were Renewed

We’ve seen many former students, students like 9-year-old Eliza, overcome challenges to succeed, succeed, and succeed. If there is anyone to try and inspire you in this program, it’s Eliza, an avid tweeter with millions of followers and over 25,000 followers on Twitter. Eliza became a social media influencer by choosing to speak her mind on important issues. You can learn more about her on her website.

Another familiar face is 9-year-old, Mackenzie. Mackenzie is an author and a learner who loves to share his work. Mackenzie’s latest novel, Mixed Nuts, came out this year. The captivating story features kids from various backgrounds working together for the betterment of the world. It includes “Awesome Duos,” such as Orphan vs. Company, and relies on positive language.

Another example of successful re-engagement through online social networking is Georgia, a 11-year-old learner. Georgia participated in The Consumer Corps’ six-week course that could inspire other students to engage with tools of the library. Georgia is currently in 12th grade and plans to attend college next year. Georgia’s work-study internships have fueled an interest in a career in finance.

What’s New?

During the course of this program, you will take a session to examine the digital communication tools that digital educators use to encourage active learning, such as Rhapsody, Launchpad, and Wing. You will also explore what’s new about video game development, which will inform many conversations you will have with your fellow learners. By understanding the benefits of learning and collaboration through digital tools, you will help to rebuild bridges across distances in your own community.

The difficult part of this program, however, may be figuring out which tools should represent your school. You and the other students will have access to more knowledge than ever before. So, in addition to the training you will receive in digital learning, you will also study materials such as Pomegranate, EdRx, Android, and Flipboard, and more.

When it comes to choosing the tools you can use for your own school, parents will have different needs. Fortunately, you will be able to consider the level of complexity and importance that a teacher requires.

Many students’ parents prefer the more experienced and hands-on classroom options, such as the Board-Based Modules for AASCAP, which work together with Algebra I, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus. Other students’ parents may prefer computer-based training options. And, many students might prefer a school with a third alternative—a free online social networking service. In these scenarios, you can work together to build what works best for your school.


The Digital Literacy Series has been designed as a resource to provide the support parents, teachers, and students need to develop, strengthen, and employ digital tools for open, engaging, and learning experiences. It’s important that you choose your learning experience wisely. Please use these resources in conjunction with your own physical and digital libraries.

This program will not only help you and your students be more successful, but also lead to healthier and happier lives. Taking part in this program could encourage students to focus more on the positive, and to feel empowered to change the world around them.

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