How Online Learning Is Revolutionizing

Online learning is often the final piece to ensuring your career success.

How Online Learning Is Revolutionizing

I have done my best over the years to discuss how online education is breaking free from the needs of institutions of higher learning and completely disrupting this moldy old business of teaching. We have seen tremendous success among online learning startups that are already making a name for themselves in communities of interest.

The combined value of these offerings reached $2.6 billion in 2017 – growing at a faster rate than traditional degrees. Furthermore, the amount of jobs being filled by people with some form of nontraditional educational attainment has surpassed total jobs in the United States for the first time. The jobs include a wide variety of education level, from the status of a brick and mortar school to more closely associated with the likes of a university.

The important thing is the potential to be part of a tangible growth market. Now if you have already launched the online education experience – then all you need is someone who might like to put in an application for your MBA programs to make the transition. That would be very easy to do. I can’t help but think that there is a problem on the horizon in this area. Think about it; MBA programs are becoming a commoditized good. College was the same when I was in school and it only got more expensive over time. Universities are not necessarily the end all of entrepreneurship.

A program at a university will initially appeal to a person with the highest and best quality of education possible. That will often be the professor, the materials, and even the administration. Yet there is a growing acceptance in this country that these institutions are in trouble. Quality or quantity, you get what you pay for. Once people walk into the institution with the intention of actually learning, the enrollment will start declining. One of the keys to unlocking access for the masses has been the introduction of online education.

I believe there is a world out there that will begin to overflow at the common knowledge of computer and computer science. As most of the world knows, the United States has some issues with a learning landscape. We are at risk of a shortage of skilled laborers at the moment. My issue is not an economic one. I see the value in an MBA program, and in the quality of that particular component of the market. The economy is not going to crumble by having more accessible and ready-to-go intellectual property. This is simply the growth of higher education as we know it.

In addition to addressing the skills shortage, online education is perfectly positioned to help expand the further intellectual capacity to the student base. Information will be more readily available and higher quality in certain technical realms. I would be remiss if I didn’t warn that we could see a growth of even more technologies for basic digital businesses. There is something to be said about versatility – particularly if you are there as the convener of the party – and as the one that drives enthusiasm.

That said, online programs have their place. You do not want to look like a liberal arts major taking content from your computer – you want to look like a person who understands how to work online, and the tech tools behind the scenes. We are not talking about job training as we know it. Rather, we are talking about degree programs from organizations like the University of Colorado Boulder.

Online programs are beginning to have the impact they so richly deserve. Increasingly, greater numbers of people are obtaining degrees from the likes of MIT, Udacity, and Stanford that will help them in the markets for jobs that now exist. We will continue to see more and more platforms that let students collaborate in the areas of all of this new learning. If you go to a name like this, you are going to be enamored by the idea that academic work is something that happens face to face, and that it is tough to find teaching material in a world that is well beyond the earth from a central institution.

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