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Online Learning has been a popular option for students who need more time to achieve higher grades than they might be able to pull off on a campus campus due to location or level of entrance. Companies like Coursera and 2U have done great work connecting students with flexible educational resources. Every student has the right to pursue their goals however. For some however, one campus and enrollment at a reputable company may not be all that they need.

Joshua Ajimudia, a recent graduate of Colorado School of Mines (CSM) was the first person in his family to attend college. He wanted to continue to advance his career path, learn more about the world around him, and perhaps find a job that would be a natural fit. The average tuition bill for CSM is $20,300 a year. For this student, the cost of education outweighed the potential increase in his salary over time. This was where Online Learning would be of great use.

Bumping Up his standard grade point average needed was tricky at first. With a sizable test room and overall room for growth, he wanted a full-time course load. Career Development professors didn’t have online course offerings in that area, but they did know a whole lot about government and economics. When they asked what he needed, the answer was simple. They advised he take a Government 132 course called “Costs and Revenue of Human Resources.” A support employee in CSM is also an advocate for their student body.

“I chose this program because it offered a CSM profile and hands-on experience, but it also includes good study skills,” said Ajimudia. He took both the core offering for CSM and the COS portfolio, at a total cost of $10k. “Even though this is a constituent course, it taught me a lot about budgeting, budgeting skills that I used when working at my last job. I take that seriously and wanted to further build a budget and set goals for myself so I don’t fall into the same mistake over and over again.”

The students had access to virtual tutors that could provide quality support. The Redos sat in their chairs and answered questions through the course. These are not streaming distance learning. These students are in their seats the whole time and the building did not suffer from the aforementioned physical limitations.

The instructors were also solid. They had an actual campus right next door to the CSM that could hold that many people for a large study group event. This gives you an idea of how large the college is. For the students in the main auditorium, those that had A+ or B+ student assessment scores, being able to train in real time was enough to warrant the school’s formal support in accepting him on a COS course.

“I have found the campus to be a very supportive environment where professors genuinely care for the students,” said Ajimudia. “As a new student, I feel valued as the face of the campus and they make a point to involve me in everything from on-campus activities to small activities off campus.”

This is a simple student profile as well as a sensible ones, but there are some things the school can do to make it easier for them. If they are going to be students through the student base, they should not be AT&T and AT&T Student can’t offer unlimited packages. They need to consider adding more classes for students. I know there are increasing discussion about the current student loan situation and the cost to a degree, but for the average student it may be worthwhile to make some phone calls in order to see how your school can help their business.

If you are looking for a way to earn an amazing education in 3-6 months or lower, could online courses help you? As long as you keep in touch with your professors and your course follows the coursebook, this program can go a long way. Bring in a complete transcript to show they are taking full advantage of their resources and you can confirm to verify. Also, see if CSM is happy to do a business. Maybe a solid credit management class and you can wait for your academic portal for your degree credit card to close.

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