How Online Classes Improve Learning

You may have thought that everything on the internet would just be crap, but don’t be fooled. Actually, the internet can actually make a great deal of positive learning.

There’s been a substantial increase in online courses lately. Like other aspects of our lives, learning has increasingly moved online. But online education is still only a small fraction of overall education — it’s not even double digit yet.

Two things happen when people learn remotely: it’s very convenient and it’s incredibly effective. That may not sound like much, but it’s enough to change how the world works.

Net neutrality 101

Over the last decade, I’ve been thinking about how technology is changing the world. First it was thoughts about the internet and how it was going to revolutionize everyone’s lives, and then it was about the broadcast TV format, and then it was about mobile devices — and now, it’s all about online learning.

The idea is simple: we, as a society, are embracing technologies that empower people. And the ability to control everything you can while streaming over the internet makes for a really powerful learning tool.

Take programs like Skillshare, Udemy, and Each one offers a variety of classes that follow specific professional areas of expertise. You can sign up to learn about knitting, how to design, or whatever else your passion is. Classes can also be personalized: you just type in a topic, and your username is automatically populated.

And that’s where the power of online learning comes in. Every single thing you learn there is portable and affordable; you can take the skills you’ve learned into the real world and seamlessly transfer them to your own businesses.

Learning at a Personal level

Technology has made it possible for a small fraction of the population to dominate some pretty big areas of learning. But even though big classes have the potential to open up doors for others, they’re not the only kind of learning you should consider. There are more accessible ways to start your own businesses, and that’s exactly what Startup Camp seeks to create.

From the only business incubator in the world built entirely of individual entrepreneurs, Startup Camp is designed to help students learn alongside the program leaders.

The “experienced” students will work alongside the mentors and mentors the program provides — not unlike working with an entrepreneur at a conference or a government official.

And this freedom creates a fundamental shift in how you look at it. Startup Camp believes that instead of viewing it as a challenge, students should view it as an opportunity. That’s probably the most important point of the entire platform.

Personalized learning

People’s lifestyles are constantly changing, which leads to multiple disconnects between student and tutor. Moving into a new space without working with another person that’s close by is a major disadvantage for those who need to adjust to a new situation.

Especially since technology itself has made it easier to learn. Class enrollment has been broken down into bite-sized chunks. You can subscribe for specific classes, and even get expert advice by email.

We’re no longer required to work with a large crowd; you can jump into online classes to find someone with similar interests and learn in a more streamlined fashion.

Focus on self-sustaining learning

Most students follow a similar path during their academic years: they go to class during the school day, teach classes during the summer, get some work done in the evenings and on weekends, and spend the weekends doing things they love. These people work extremely hard.

Yet, online classes are designed to re-balance learning between when it’s convenient for the person and when they have a personal need to take their learning further. This streamlines personal needs while giving people more time to start businesses or juggle family responsibilities. And many of those classes are designed to support building up a “personal brand” and building your brand.

At one time, you were a student, but today you’re a self-starting entrepreneur. Do you want an opportunity to expand your reach into what people are saying about you online? From the best online courses to the latest challenges, the way we find and learn from information has changed forever.

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