How Online Algorithms Are Different From Online Learning

How online learning differs from online education.

How Online Algorithms Are Different From Online Learning

Writing online may seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Just as once upon a time there was no better way to get a degree than the classroom, this online writing platform also affords all the tools to create a writing strategy.

Online writing is just as important as any other kind of learning, but most college students tend to shy away from it out of fear that they don’t know enough, or out of fears that they won’t get help to get the next step in the process right. Online classes range from one week to the rest of the semester, and these are everything you need to know to be successful.

Learn from the Best

No matter what kind of course or assessment your online learning goal, online professors use exactly the same tools in determining what your goal should be, giving you a strategy to complete a written assignment. Not only will they use the “approach analyzer” to analyze your work (using metrics like amount of words, number of paragraphs, and so on), but they’ll take into account your total words and use brain breaks to breathe and think.

Once they’ve made a judgement call on your work, they’ll project it onto a graph and work with you to reinforce key message changes you’ve made throughout the week. If you think they’re giving you the tips you need to become a better writer, you’re right. “With the strategy analyzer, you can always feel better about the pieces you’ve written because you know they were reviewed with great attention to detail,” explains MSU Midland Daily News Editor Sara Stang. “Not only does it help you write better, but it can also improve your attitudes. As a teacher, you can actually help other students by pointing out areas they may need to work on.”

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any good writing process, practice makes perfect. And no two writing tasks are the same, so there will be some unexpected curveballs that your online learning program throws at you. It’s never easy to write on the spot, especially when you’re trying to approach every person’s issue and follow up on every topic.

“Sometimes something would come up with other assignments, like a question in a class, where it would be very hard to step in and give correct answers or immediate responses,” says Jennifer Groopman, Michigan State University Public Relations Director. “There would be a lot of missed connections and grammar mistakes, and that would be frustrating and frustrating to receive feedback for those. But my online tutor made a great tool that would make me practice certain answers over and over again in those cases.”

Online tutoring is like research with confidence, and it’s a much better method for developing your writing skills than filling in your material in quizzes or MFA courses.

Email Is as Good as a Meeting

One important consideration when transitioning from online learning to a face-to-face engagement is to help you utilize your email as effectively as possible to send that final paper. You can reach out to your instructor through their webpage, Google Docs, or Facebook, just as if they were sitting next to you at the coffee shop, but what if they’re tucked away in a quiet room? Email can be a great substitute, and it can be done with minimal effort. It helps you make notes on your work, and you can easily track every single communication in your learning program, so you have a well-rounded understanding of what you accomplished and where you need to work.

LinkedIn—now much like Instagram—helps you apply your online work to real-life situations, and it’s a great tool for making connections that lead to real-world collaborations.

The One-Week, You-Too Challenge

There are definitely times when you just want a few hard numbers to satisfy your curiosity or to look forward to sharing your progress with your family and friends in person. While online learning programs have resources to make a review process fun, you can always use the one-week challenge (or an email challenge) as an excuse to binge-watch your favorite TV show or sleep in for at least a few hours (a great excuse to write, too).

The writing isn’t that hard; all you have to do is get better. Online tutoring can make or break your writing, so make sure to take advantage of it and use your teachers as your colleagues and friends.

This story was originally published by 2nd Level (tmickoff) and is re-published here with permission.

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