How Much Time To Set Aside For Online Class Learning

Despite on-demand digital learning, time outside of the classroom is crucial for students.

First, let me be clear: online classes are in reality everywhere these days. But why do a lot of us refer to online classes as “on-line”? In this era of massive corporate learning, where time is a finite commodity, here are five reasons why.

1. No drop out – you don’t have to accept everyone as you can the names of these online classes. And online classes rarely have a drop out, because you can create multiple student accounts and multiple self-paced learning environments, and you can just modify each to fit your needs. Many schools can provide a different learning environment for every student. In fact, some online classes have two learning environments for two students that are 80% different. You can open a variety of learning experiences online that allow you to mix and match based on your own specific needs.

2. An online student’s rating in their university or online school’s database is their grade. If you have 1 certificate from 500 different kinds of courses, it will now be better received as an A, B, C, or D. Consider what kind of student you are and your own abilities. If you have started to struggle with a course, you can take your knowledge and skills with you in a self-paced version of the same exact course you are taking now, perhaps in a different environment, and still be graded on your work. There are now books on it, you can “learn to code” on YouTube, you can email your instructor and ask questions – all to earn the same grade, if not more. Even if they didn’t grade your work, it will still matter to your university as you increase your level of knowledge – these are the kind of big wins that virtual learning can offer.

3. No one is slacking, grades must be earned. Remember all those high-pressure online classes that used to get low grades because there was no time to do a great job? There is now a growing body of research showing that online learning has a lower drop out rate because there is time for students to do things like: set goals; develop skills; volunteer and put yourself out there; meet new people; and keep up with your grade plan. Here is why it is better for everyone if you earn a good grade: it is all there for you to do for yourself, and you don’t have to risk losing any time and being judged by other people on what you didn’t do. As an aside, you will most likely be doing a better job for your university than a spotless high school graduate, who will drop out after a few months of good grades without trying at all. Online learning is better for students who are trying to transfer into online courses, college, or senior year of high school. The best part about it is the professor can be in a different city or state, so the teachers who get the best grades are not actually standing next to you at the same time.

4. Technology is integrated into the teaching experience. We may have our minds blown by the number of our apps now, but these things are not new. Long ago, there were lots of writing solutions, intros and expos, and reading materials you had to take for the sake of language development and comprehension. Almost all of the things in today’s world were first discovered by people or thought up by people, but nobody had the ability to put them all together in any kind of useful way until now. That is why things like laptops and smartphones (for information exchange) are so important, and why they are in most students’ lives at some point in their lives. In fact, the idea of using electronic devices for anything other than research took hold only recently. It has become so ingrained in our everyday experience that we don’t think about it. With virtual learning, all of this comes alive and easily accessible. In fact, using a smart phone with a camera and a darkroom can even be seen as a virtual classroom, in many ways. Today, people in their everyday lives can experience the way we teach and learn right now – we can be their self-taught material just by using a smartphone app. The American Booksellers Association just announced a study in which they looked at books sold on digital platforms, and they found that over 60% of the best sellers were on e-readers – more than any other kind of book. In that same study, they found that 75% of e-books also had some form of digital learning feature in it. After all, who doesn’t want to learn at their own pace? You can have flashcards, virtual speed dating, music, a personal tutor, and videos. Are we learning online or learning on-line?

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