How Much Time For Online Learning Activities

Online learning activities offer alternative opportunities to enhance the already crucial quest for quality in the workplace.

Like a lot of people, I find the internet incredibly fascinating. It’s instantaneous, full of useful info, easy to use, and filled with engaging content. Like so many things we know and love about it, we sometimes hold online learning activities in high regard.

I am often tempted to check out my college classes’ “how to study” and “how to maintain your GPA” sections. But for many Americans, going to class is about much more than analyzing data. Now we can do that too. No matter where or what you study, you can have fun while you learn.

Learning is an ongoing process that can be fluid and dynamic. Just like when we learn how to play music or watch a movie, we can play games that help us not only learn how to play the games but also connect with people. The world is always changing. Learning how to navigate in the new ecosystem is key. Learning to love the tools of the game changes the way we learn and allows us to work in teams with people who share a common interest. That includes people who are doing activities on the internet, online.

I like learning online because it’s a more collaborative, social experience. For me, that includes focusing on science because I get to collaborate with scientists and exchange ideas with them. I need to interact with people so I can study the challenges that affect my body. With that in mind, I’m interested in activities that inspire me to think critically and that educate my brain and my body to think differently. A key part of it all is making fun games that challenge and motivate me in those same ways.

A few months ago, I decided that since I’m always wanting to learn more about my love for science, I’d try a “how to make a cup of tea” game. I asked people in my facebook community and Twitter network if they’d be interested in making cups of tea, and I attempted to figure out how to explain the science behind making tea. I always need to learn, and I’m someone who thrives on new challenges. One of the best parts about learning has been getting involved in new experiments or activities.

I got about 30 people involved in my “Making Tea” game and I learned a lot from watching other people’s experiences. I learned about tea making and the similarities between tea leaves and germs, and was struck by just how powerful your mouth and tongue are, especially when it comes to tasting tea. I learned about fermentation, which is really beneficial to one’s digestion because it helps your body break down food faster. I learned how to make some of the most delicious cups of tea, and about drinking water, and about which, which half of your urine is really urine. I’m going to try to use my new knowledge for my own health and body.

Today, I’m taking another step in the same direction with my adventuring through my love for nature. In the past, I’ve taken an increasing number of trips to the park every year. I look forward to seeing new things, meeting new people, and exploring new places. Today, I’m planning a long-distance nature hike with a friend, and each of us will be trading stories about our adventures. Maybe I’ll send a video to my friend with a giant photography of our check-in at the bottom that we can watch back and reminisce on our epic round of “How to make a cup of tea.” The more you practice, the more you will learn about the physical, chemical, and mental systems in your body, and about yourselves as individuals. Today, I’m going to try to be myself again, and enjoy the process of learning together. I’m eager to see who makes it far in the day, and how the journey inspires them.

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