How Much Does Canvas Online Learning Cost

You’ve probably heard about Canvas Online Learning – but how much does it cost to enroll? Here’s a breakdown of the costs on what you can expect when you enroll in an online learning program.

Ah you’ve heard the expression “Doing nothing is not an option”. Well according to Canvas Online Learning (COL) you can’t always do nothing, you have to do some. Throughout the past few years, Canvas Online Learning (COL) has been taking the industry by storm, gaining the trust of users all over the world, whilst becoming the go-to platform for anyone who wishes to expand their learning experience.

Canvas offers a full suite of educational resources alongside its drag and drop learning tools in classrooms, labs, and private members, where students of all ages can engage with their instructors.

What does it cost to enroll in a course, how many hours does the course run for, and how do you choose which course to choose?

There are three major courses Canvas offers which can take students from the basic levels and through to Master’s level.

Canvas Online Classroom

Over thirty years ago, a company with the initials, “COL”, was founded to provide a mobile platform that would connect students with their instructors online. When it was established, Canvas was geared towards parents, but now that many institutions are recognizing that employees also benefit from online learning, Canvas Online Classroom offers so much more. COL Classroom supports students from Year 4 through to the Masters level by focusing on specific subjects that need to be taught. For example, a course on Data Security could take the student from “4” to Master’s level, all within the COL platform.

Canvas Online Lab

The COL Lab was created to cater to organizations, as many employers find the private study opportunities unique and trustworthy to students of different age ranges. For years it has been popular among students at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, who are interested in the use of technology to hone their skills. Using the Canvas Live, ITons, and Distance Learning modules, students are able to engage with their instructors online and speed up the learning process. This option of online learning is highly dependable and secure, just like the main, and has a handy single sign-on function. The Canvas Live, ITons, and Distance Learning modules each have different programs that allow students to participate in a range of digital activities, including:

Participate in a real-life problem solving exercise.

As part of Online Classroom or Lab, students can learn any subject, from one to thirteen. Some popular courses included online in the main COL platform are:

Canvas Master’s Degree

Whether students are looking to further their personal or professional studies, they can still study how to teach, or adopt a new methodology to teach. There are plenty of programs to assist in this endeavor with Canvas, one of which is Canvas Master’s Degree. Its Learning Academy allows students to access a wide range of academic and commercial resources online, so as to maximize their learning.

Where is the best place to start?

When choosing a course for your students there are a few considerations to make. First of all is your budget. Perhaps a graduate is looking to pursue their Master’s degree, but their student loan debt is starting to get too large to be able to manage. What if you or your student has a stagnant salary for the rest of your career? Then you may be better off choosing one of the junior and Basic courses. Not only can you focus on one subject which requires minimal special or specialist knowledge, you can pay lower prices so that your students get more bang for their buck.

No matter how much time you have in your day, you’ll want to make sure your tuition is paid before it is too late. If you don’t have the money in your budget, then ask around. A colleague may be willing to help you out, and don’t be afraid to ask for the loan through your employer.

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