How Many Servers Will You Need To Run A Online Learning Website

With online learning platforms, we’ve learned about a variety of servers and computers, all needed to get you started.

How Many Servers Will You Need To Run A Online Learning Website

With the passage of Measure 101, K-12 schools were faced with a steep funding cut. Many realized it would be impossible to offer teaching resources across all disciplines or implement standardized test scores in the classroom or a whole life approach towards behavior, etc. The good news is, here are your options for spreading the word on your site.

Choosing an Optimized Platform

Traditional or semi-anonymous platforms can be extremely confusing. As your campaign gains more traction you will likely encounter server overloads, which can certainly cripple the effort of a well built site. Well, now you can get a more personalized and robust experience with a well-structured platform that offers everything and lets you distribute online offerings in a variety of formats.

Just and Responsive

Always think to use responsive design elements in your SERP. You may need to redirect people to a different URL for your online curriculum site if your primary site is no longer available. This is not a problem because most site management platform choose to provide this service. It’s also applicable to a code shift as well, so if you’re hosting your curriculum site on something else, you may need to move the code to your primary site. For this you can keep all of your SEO and web development sites in one place.

Sites like Course the University do a beautiful job with text formatting on each page. As they explain, for their unlimited meaning-rich lesson plans “your team at Course the University is in full editorial control of its own content for the duration of each course.”

There’s no need to worry about serving new sites with Flash anymore or storing hundreds of pages with new content. Remember that your team is using rich media like interactive images, videos, quizzes, etc. Responsive layout also gives you control over your overall design aesthetic and gives your visitors a glimpse into how your content looks like when it is not intended for this environment.

Complexity is Your Friend

Now we’re talking SERP beauty! Webmasters often get frustrated when they are asked to offer multiple versions of their platform (or no platform at all) for the same content or simultaneous sites. For instance, you may have six or more sites with varying content that make sense for each domain. Unfortunately the platform will have to separate these sites into “modules.” This can become a hassle for new users.

Also, depending on the type of content you need to offer, your team needs to create separate versions of your site to accommodate the versions that belong to multiple domains. For example, you can create a main website with articles for each domain but stop there. You can also create a home page for your main site and separate versions for the subpages. Then, you can offer an opportunity for users to try out different content for themselves and decide what they like and don’t like.

YouTube content pages are one such example of how a new addition to a content management system might be making your site more personal.

Strategies are Key

Because you don’t want visitors to feel overwhelmed when they try out your site or don’t know how to navigate it, set a strategy for each person who tries to visit your site. Here, you can teach your team the concepts of how they’re expected to position your site and display the content.

Each person on your team needs to spend their free time understanding the different levels of content. Explain which documents are meant for which domain and discuss what documents are posted at each domain. It’s important to define the structure and strict disclosure of an educational site. It will also help to have a statement telling people what you do for a living, what courses you offer and how much information to disclose about yourself. This can help guide users through each category of content and make them more eager to buy.

Take the time to refine and tweak your content so it appears as good as it feels. It’s much easier to create a site that stands out than one that reflects your talents and being. Let your team know how they are using these resources and share their lessons with them as well. “Keep your folks informed so they can supplement their own learning and teach others too.”

Edit Exclusivity

Publishers may not want to publish their published content on multiple sites. If this applies to your organization, your business is thriving in generating revenue. If you have a revenue source that’s not supporting the company and its output, it would be wise to open up these learning sites to other providers. This also allows you to have multiple bites of the same educational content.

Planning your traffic

It’s important to know exactly what people want to learn on your site. The more meaningful and comprehensive your content is, the more people you’ll bring to your site.

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