How Many Schools Offer Online Learning

We were surprised by the number of schools offering online courses to minors.

Long-term online learning has emerged as a viable option for those studying in different parts of the country and unable to attend a traditional college or university. Each program is given individual feedback and revisions. The “ship” – tuition and fees – can be paid out of pocket, through student loans, or by a combination of both.

These days, online programs are often in addition to traditional residential campus-based programs. Is there a difference in your experience? Are there differences among different programs?

REVIEW: The State of Online Education

“All programs are expanding their mission by offering online courses and degrees,” says Frank Medero, who founded, a web-based program, in 2010. “There are perhaps a few common denominators: they all offer flexible scheduling, say-once classes and personal online support.”

Online college students take classes from six to nine hours in nature, which leaves a gap for some individuals. Single-grazing courses – those that cover topics of interest to the student – provide opportunities for introspection as well as increasing lifetime earning power.

These days, there are some 5.8 million online students in the U.S. Out of that number, half go online and half attend college on campus. Average debt level of online students is nearly $37,000.

The average cost of a basic, four-year college course is $18,000 – or $20,000 if you’re not a first-time student. The higher the tuition, the less will be available for leftover expenses.


Currently, online education at U.S. colleges and universities is available to nearly 4.4 million students from all 50 states, according to the online course education organization, edX. Enrollment from other countries is increasing, but the U.S. remains the leading destination, says Chris Doyle, President and CEO of edX.

“We have an innovative ecosystem that is bringing quality digital education to students, institutions and organizations with dramatically lower costs. The sector has made tremendous progress in less than 20 years, but there is still so much room for growth,” Doyle says.

Enrollment in online courses has been increasing at a rate of five to six percent per year since 2013, according to EdTec Analytics. Here are some of the numbers compiled:

Enrollment of online doctoral programs +3.2% (2017-2018)

Some schools in the United States offer certain courses in multiple locations, including virtual campus. In 2017, the University of Phoenix, a global online institution that provides undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, added the new M1 course options in its distance learning classes.

Phoenix is now offering distance learning Masters in Business Administration and Management degrees in two locations. Additionally, the online-only Phoenix master’s of professional studies also has options. These advanced degree options serve as a follow up to one’s previous degree, so students can continue to learn or enhance their current professional skills.

The United States Department of Education (DOE) requires universities to offer at least 50 percent of their degree programs online. Currently, only 72,000 of 468,000 students enroll in a MOOC, a computer-based class offered over the Internet. But the number is growing, and the DOE intends to introduce more education opportunities for the online population.

All it takes to become a MOOC guest is an online course, these are very affordable online courses and can be completed in 24 hours or less. The MOOC guest would then spend a total of 18-hour sessions, by taking a dozen and a half classes, which would allow them to fulfill their educational goals.

“Basically, MOOCs allow students to obtain a degree at the end of a semester,” said Jeremiah Hawkinson, a Columbia University professor and MOOC guest. “I wanted to keep my coursework around to support my working as a researcher.”

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