How Many People Use Online Learning Sites

We know you’ve probably heard that the fastest growing demographic in the online learning space is Millennials, but how many Millennials are using online learning sites? Despite feeling a little intimidated by the seeming anonymity online, there are plenty of opportunities out there to make a world of difference in the lives of others.

How Many People Use Online Learning Sites

Want to take a big step toward transforming your personal or professional life? It can’t hurt to try a few online courses in the process.

With the advent of screen-reading and video-streaming, it is possible to take a full course on a desktop or laptop at home. And now thanks to software such as Conviva, it is easy to make a couple of short short courses to study at a client’s office.

How Many People Go Online?

In 2017, according to CB Insight, more than half of all U.S. adults reported having taken at least one online course. The firm also suggests that more than 90 percent of online learners drop out at some point. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all online courses are irrelevant or that the vast majority of people can’t afford online learning.

How You Can Start Taking Online Courses

Sure, it may be overwhelming to begin your online course of study in a foreign language, or perhaps just big in business. But you may be able to take a specific course on a more specific topic such as marketing, public speaking, or business etiquette.

Here are some tips on how to explore the world of online learning by connecting with people and professionals who’ve taken online courses in the past, or who just may have had a problem that needs an online solution.

Do a Survey

Make it a goal to survey not only your own network of colleagues, but also people you trust and people you have never met before. Your findings will provide you with an opportunity to investigate as many options as possible.

List Resources

After you’ve identified a few courses you’d like to try, visit the following resources for additional help:

Experian: Experian Identity Protection Business is a leading global provider of consumer protection and identity analytics services. The website provides coursework suitable for people in their 20s and older with an interest in this field. Visit its site for a sample of classes and tips for beginning or advanced learners.

The New York Times: The New York Times Online Course can help inform and empower you with course materials that can help increase your understanding of Internet security and information sharing.

LearnVest: LearnVest has great features for those interested in making smart financial decisions as they climb the career ladder. They have a wide selection of free online course options on finance, budgeting, and personal finance.

Alumni at IBM: The page features programs as varied as cybersecurity courses, an ecology and global issues course, and even an advanced software development course.


If you stumble upon a course you’d like to take but don’t have access to it yet, try searching an online database. These are just a few of the many sources that are available. For example, Coursera is a massive open online course platform that is now facing allegations that it’s actively lying to students about the availability of course content. With so many options at your fingertips, there is no excuse not to explore.

Read This

As an example, Rosemary Lennon Smith, a teacher, wrote about having a remedial English class. She wrote that she was clueless. She wasn’t sure if her poor language skills were a disability. She was concerned about potential consequences of being behind due to her poor language skills. To address her problems, Rosemary had to take an online course on improving her English writing.

Curry & Combs, a marketing company, offers a free eBook that will help you understand the strategies that have helped other people make great moves in the business world.

What do you think about the relevance of online learning and how long you think it will continue to be relevant?

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