How Many Online Learning Programs Are There

For most people, you can’t get around learning anymore. Today’s world has massive amounts of information that you need to be informed about, as soon as you open your internet browser.

How Many Online Learning Programs Are There

Conjuring the name of a virtual classroom feels a bit magical for many students. But why does learning online still sound daunting and unwieldy? What’s with the notion that digital learning experiences should be just as immersive as physically going to school? It’s true that digital learning is not a one-size-fits-all experience and a life-long learning experience doesn’t happen all at once. But today’s students expect to learn how to solve real-world problems – and find in-person, face-to-face education the least ideal way to learn about how to do that. There are, however, more than a few online learning programs that are becoming increasingly relevant to today’s students.

Should you opt to continue down the road of learning online? It’s hard to recommend that you should, but there are a handful of different learning programs that seem to be falling into the right category. And since these programs are mostly sponsored by private companies that are paving the way for future potential solutions, it seems like it would be a relatively safe bet. Read on for some of the top online learning programs available.

#1 Energetics (www.energetics.un)

Energetics is a handful of online programs that simulate real-world scenarios. Often touted as the most advanced online environment, Energetics allows the student to solve real problems of the real world – like building intelligent robots that take on roles like robots that clean up dangerous environments. The programs aim to engage students in their work with interactive lessons that are designed to engage their curiosity and encourage learning. There are plenty of popular STEM and engineering programs that students can learn from, but Energetics is something special – and it’s one of the few online programs that is available in both JavaScript and Microsoft Visual Studio to begin with. Not only that, but Energetics is free to students who sign up for a subscription. After all, Energetics makes getting educated fun.

#2 Classroom online (www.classroom.un)

If there is anything that probably scares you away from online learning, it’s probably fear of technology. Classroom is a nice reminder that using technology to augment traditional education still can be done effectively and efficiently. As with Energetics, Classroom seems to take the approach of integrating technology into traditional classroom instruction. Each lesson offers a new technology solution – like digital instant-on lecterns for example. From start to finish, Classroom allows students to follow along with the instructor, while also learning about what the same lecture would be like if the instructor was actually in the same room. Classroom is also available in both English and Spanish.

#3 UCWI (

If you’re looking for a government institution that doesn’t look like a straight-up online learning program, UCWI is it. UCWI is a registered charity that seeks to provide continuing education opportunities to non-profits and government leaders across the globe. UCWI education doesn’t just take place online, but rather in the classroom of non-profits or government agencies. For example, UCWI offers a “No-Fail Thinking of Painful Problems” course that gives non-profits a step-by-step breakdown of how a non-profit organization can reduce cash flow. The organization even offers the option to change a student’s research priorities and/or research portfolios during the entire course! UCWI appears to be investing in their course offerings in order to provide an effective learning experience – and using real-world lessons to test course themes. UCWI prides itself on an open curriculum, having plans to offer a different kind of management program for non-profits every six months. You can learn more about UCWI by visiting the organization’s website.

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