How Many Online Learning Companies Went Out Of Business

From to big online learning services to other corporate ones, there were many dropouts in the span of just a year or two.

Learning material has always been a popular hobby. It has helped learners all over the world gain new skills, improve their educational outlook and hone their knowledge through rigorous tutorials. Learn about learning more and interview the experts who will set you on the right path.

Today, we are going to get you up to speed and discuss four interesting companies that also made their dying breaths more relevant. Many of their tragic death can be blamed on competition, reputation issues and lack of customer support.

• Failbook

Founded in 2005, Failbook is the the most popular online learning platform at the moment. In fact, it receives up to 1.5 million visitors per month. However, over recent months, the platform has received a lot of criticism for extreme deceleration of growth rates and lack of focus on quality content.

Despite having a good selection of more than 35,000 self-study resources, the service has been dubbed as a “ghost town” by a few critics. This kind of assessment is not too surprising. We cannot expect a company to build an amazingly advanced and efficient platform when it does not have the resources to cater to its audience in the best possible way.

Similarly, leaders at Failbook need to be smart enough to improve their content sharing platform before long. Unfortunately, this scenario has become a common one in the online learning industry nowadays. Sometimes, the founders of high-performing companies fail to improve the quality of their products and invest in a development budget when all might be said and done.

Failbook has suffered greatly due to these factors. Following the announcement of its imminent demise, they implemented a number of measures to reach a comeback. Over the years, they managed to overcome and reach their goal.

• Taxjar

Taxjar is a tool designed to enable small-scale educational teams to hold online events. The service itself is available in four packages: the premium version that costs a steep amount of Dh349; the Blog platform which is available for a lesser amount and should not be used as a major component of the feature, and the newest edition that should be more affordable.

The service provides a platform to post a series of digital content. Learning, videos, lecture samples, discussions, quizzes, Q&A, and templates allow interested parties to host this kind of online interaction. All these content can be used to entice existing and potential users to choose Taxjar over another company.

The site serves as a foundation for small educational projects. As it becomes larger, these projects will gain in size and expand the opportunities that it provides to participants. Thus, the site has proved to be a trustworthy software for many entrepreneurs.

• Tutorspree

As the name suggests, Tutorspree can be considered a kind of electronic classroom. The service provides a platform to connect people with professional tutors for solving general and creative problems with internet-enabled devices.

Obviously, there are technical developments happening at a rapid rate nowadays. They have developed their programs and fixed the out-of-the-box questions, while they are ensuring the quality of content. This allows learners to work with tutors in more sustainable settings.

The website accepts learners from all around the world. It hosts a lot of content, both adult and early childhood. Unlike other online learning platforms that provide basic information, this platform focuses on providing meaningful learning solutions.

This is why it provides a platform where tutors can build a personal connection with its users. The platform is currently available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and Korean. By providing a good selection of content, it hopes to have a stable platform that is backed by a good amount of quality content.

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