How Many Learning Hours Do I Have Check Online

Schools do a good job of teaching everyone about subjects like math, but surprisingly very little about how to use real-world strategies. Charles McArthur shares his take on alternative methods of learning.

My family and I are stressed as we struggle to learn how to use a device or application that is supposed to be in our hands. Once our process for learning what we have learned is complete, we review the application again to ensure everything is still working as expected.

One thing my mother never had to learn was how to use an internet app on her own. I was lucky enough to learn at a young age, so my mom didn’t have a lot of my questions. Now that I have an iPhone X, every new app I learn is stressful and many questions still remain unanswered. So we went on a learning mission to find the best learning apps.

What’s the Best Reason to Use an iOS App?

When it comes to learning the most for an app, there’s no better reason than a free resource. When we have already learned a lot about the app, we’ll actually learn more. Every time we use our app, we get a little more smart to use it properly.

I cannot tell you how many times we have used an app like eSchoolApp for our Excel class. To even do the web version of Excel, we had to download a different app for each page. But it’s just too much! Online Excel is really great, but it’s even better when we do it ourselves.

Learning applications such as the the Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows App Store are fantastic learning tools for teens and kids, particularly the younger ones. Both tools provide you with learn with captions, mute, more color customization and learning content. Our students also love learning from Google in a more organic way, as a result of his fame.

I would say learning apps are best for this age group because they give you a good option to directly interact with a text. Text learning simply requires more attention, discipline and focus than other “screen” learning. There are a lot of benefits to learning from a phone, since the color differences and font changes are more noticeable. Once you have learned from an app like DownEastLearning or the iOS app, you will enjoy the power of text learning even more.

Do you have any Knowledge-based Applications?

For kids who are learning and younger children, there’s Google* Learning to Go and Dreamery . The Google tool allows the younger learners to practice from early days and get expert teaching, as well as have a cartoon character to follow. My children love it, but they do not use it too much because it’s not easy.

Dreamery is a great tool to help them learn even earlier. The Dreamery app lets kids go exploring around the world with the help of a Dreamery App. All kids need to do is to add their own voice to the app and learn from around the world. All they have to do is record their voice, while Dreamery serves as their guide. We used this tool and found that it’s awesome, plus, the app is free!

For kids to become tomorrow’s innovators and leaders, it’s important to have knowledge that is unbiased and open to learn. Teachers and parents can teach them simple things like how to hold an iPad, or even how to set it up but do not limit it to this. A good app like the Pop It together Guide app can also be a great teaching tool in the kids’ short term and long term.

Learning what skills you need to succeed in the world is difficult because you have to learn at your own pace. So use the apps on your phone for everything from bringing in laundry to finding your best textbook. Never doubt that you have what it takes to become a leader or innovator and treat your smartphone as a safe space to work with as well as a playground for your friends!

— Charles McGauley is a software technology consultant and blogger. His motto “Apps Saved Me Life” and his website are at

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