How Many Hours Of School Do You Need For Online Learning

Is online education the right fit for you? Parents should determine which coursework is most relevant.

When we first got our brain on E-learning it was with a clear mind, looking at it as a springboard to the next level of my education. It never occurred to me to consider the time spent learning online as a form of cheating.

However, over the years as I’ve studied online, learning more has increased in my mind, and as I grew my portfolio I began to realize that it is a privileged way to learn, a little used way of being granted entry to the ivory tower of so many masters.

Where do we start? My time on E-learning has become a ten year old thank you card from my first online course. The first course in 2009, I took three years off from work, funded by my family and by students who supported me through the hard days and the joyous days.

If you want to continue to earn that ‘able to pass my General Certificate for Technical Studies’ certificate, this is the course that you must take. You must learn this to make it to be the dean of a school in the US.

So, I can give you the option of registering to take this course and taking two more courses for a combined total of ten years, but whether you will accomplish that remains to be seen.

Although my love for learning online has developed into a love for it, I do not support the ideals in which the ‘digital civil servant’ falls in line to partake in this tradition, in particular when it comes to education. In this sense, I was put in a very awkward position by the Government of Japan in 2014.

In their attempt to turn the Japanese ‘e-school’ into a relevant and prominent public asset, they became the first nation to shut down a massive e-school; both delaying the development of new virtual education in the Japanese high school system and for years to come hampering the education system altogether.

Their reasoning was that they have already taken care of it all, and they should consider how to utilize it.

Technology will most certainly play a key role in teaching and learning, but there is a discussion being held in which can radically redefine how we look at education.

A Conversation About Education and Technology

There is an enormous range of opinions from across the internet where the world of education is concerned. Currently there are two topics becoming active in the government in which topics such as technology and the internet could affect the shape of what we view as quality education.

A plethora of media outlets around the world are talking about the dangers that are worrying you when it comes to education. From the changing way that courses and education is taught to the rise of fake news, a mixture of all three is responsible for the concerns of most parents.

Is this the way that we are going to change the educational system? There is certainly an emphasis on STEM and people think of technology as the key for them as it’s needed for jobs in the world.

However, there is the question of internet safety, which many people cannot understand. While Facebook is safe for many, it is still a worrying issue when it comes to how young people perceive the world and the dangers they may face. A lot of people do not believe that it is the Internet that is the cause of most of these issues.

Analysing and classifying the problems from around the world may be the way to reform the current educational system. When it comes to school education, technology is omnipresent, but still there’s a time where it cannot be a means of studying.

If digital high schools were to be implemented then this means that students would have a mature and familiar learning environment for them to work in. The presence of technology may need to be seen as the tool which goes with the piece in question and not something that comes with it.

The Debate

Voters in France are deciding whether or not to approve the new ‘digital civil service’ under which they will begin a study of training, employment, and development of the new workforce of the future. Like the Japanese, France is the one country where this could change the learning and teaching environment for years to come.

The debate comes down to the views of these countries and their respective people. As a student in the US, I can understand that technology plays a large role in teaching and learning and that this has already started to change the face of US teaching as we know it. However, when it comes to the Japanese education system, they have laid down a clear line of law and rules about what is and what is not acceptable.

This is the direction they are going to take in, how the other countries in the world will follow? We will surely see some immense changes in the near future.

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