How Many Hours Of Learning Online Is Required For A Virginia

In a 2014 study of high school students in Virginia, 68% of the high school students who had to perform standardized tests showed an average of 15 hours per day of online instruction.

Last week, I did a quick bit of research in search of what my hometown high school held for classes a little over a week into the new school year. It turns out, this school in Hampton Roads has classes on Thursday at 8am!

That’s right, sometimes on Thursdays, The New K will have classes! Wouldn’t it be great if schools taught more than one skill in class? More to the point, where exactly does that leave my kids?

Do They Need To Learn To Play The Piano?

It may seem odd to you to learn to play the piano, but that is exactly what it takes to earn a United States Diplomate (USDT) designation.

Once again, it comes down to your kids having the aptitude and more importantly, the discipline to learn. Once a USDT has completed a comprehensive occupational study including both the musical experience and the linguistics/language skills, the class then gets added to their resumes to help them further along in the road to becoming career-ready.

But not everyone has the aptitude or the discipline to learn. And without the fundamentals, it’s not going to happen.


Watch a video from a man in Lakeland, Michigan who has restored a vintage car on Youtube at the link here. He’s doing amazing things, building an airplane in his basement and restoring a bicycle to even better condition.

The most amazing part of this video is that the man’s wife makes sure he keeps his personal life as private as possible and avoids attracting unwanted attention. Once again, it’s the discipline and dedication needed to know when to keep yourself to yourself and keep others off of you.

Like anything else, if someone can teach you a skill, the time to learn it may not be at the start of the school year but during times when the school day isn’t the focal point of someone’s life.

Have Your Kids Learn To Sing?

It’s not just a subject to learn through music. According to the National Young Artists Foundation, everything from knowing the how to read, the shape of the triangle and the structure of songs (“way in your head…time for the melody.”) to singing, was also considered one of the skills necessary to becoming a professional artist.

Musical skills have been shown to positively impact academic abilities in early childhood to teen years, elevating academic outcomes at all stages. They’re just a part of being in touch with your emotions and ability to process information.

Singing is also important because it seems to give your kids a sense of peace and contentment and a sense of connection to a community and connection to their art form.

I get the feeling that many of the people that I teach are musicians as well and know how important and interesting it is to develop an appreciation for music. This in itself doesn’t guarantee you can become a musician, though.

Culture And Parenting Lessons

Awareness of the various artistic methods and vocabularies, and the ability to learn and study and express through it, will help your kids develop and appreciate the arts, as well as bring them closer to their parents as well.

Learning all three are a part of the arts, as is learning how to balance their time properly (otherwise you may end up with someone who is not paying attention in class, has an unkempt bed head, or isn’t the most organized person you know in the world).

The best time for this kind of learning is at home and by being diligent in teaching your kids to work hard, you are setting them up to earn what you want and earn it in a good way.

There are plenty of classes available online. Or better yet, sign your kid up for school and have him/her be in a smaller class that you run at home on different Fridays a month.

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