How Many Education Schools Teach Online Learning

How many schools across the country are offering online programs?

If it is proven that online learning is a viable and cost-effective educational model, students would be able to perform classes wherever they might be while balancing other tasks around the house, a traditional campus might close its doors and go under. The University of Phoenix, as the largest for-profit university in the U.S., offers an ideal example of online college curriculum with one of the highest admissions acceptance rates. This to many is emblematic of the potential online learning universities hold.

Currently, about 3,200 colleges offer online classes and the total number is expected to triple to more than 7,000 by 2022, according to a study by the Learning Policy Institute (LPI). As online education increases, so will the number of concerned institutions including trade schools that have no real interest in using online instructional platforms.

Online Education and the New World of Higher Education

Because university online programs are relatively new, only two major elements have come together to create a truly dynamic world of higher education. One is the necessity for reliable, affordable distance learning and the other is the move from desktop computers to tablet computers and mobile devices, all of which make it feasible to take classes on the go.

In terms of financial considerations, online learning provides not only affordability but considerable cost savings. In some cases, cost savings can be as high as 75% when the traditional high school or college costs are included. Additionally, working adults with poor credit who face high education costs and tight budgets can benefit as no credit requirements are required.’s service gives students the quality class instruction they need through live class meetings as well as individualized help with content through video lectures, quizzes, homework assignments, an assessment tool to make sure progress is made and online content linked to test scores.

Like other online universities, provides students with personal attention as instructors, including professors, work alongside their students in conversations, workshops and research sessions. currently offers four-year degrees as well as certificate and associate programs.


At Oprecia, students can take courses at an eye-popping 20,000 miles away and explore courses in the Holy Land. Before online education began, Oprecia would fly to Israel and then provide a customized course to students that would allow them to travel in the Holy Land and learn firsthand about specific topics.

Now Oprecia offers one of the most luxurious ways to learn online through one of the largest online programs, Zizt field-test Driving University (Zouth). The program is the first of its kind to be marketed to applicants and offered in two languages.

The driving course can provide up to 35 hours of hands-on driving experience with award-winning instructors providing training through a guaranteed 16 hours of classroom-based instruction. Students can also attend part-time classes to keep pace with the rest of the class.

Oprecia is offering 80% off or more on the cost of Zouth. New Students are welcome!

Oprecia is also unique in offering tuition savings through the Oprecia Group Scholarship fund at zero percent interest.

Optimal Online Professors

While there are many online educators out there, only a small percentage of people can make it through online courses successfully and help others to find success. The quality and educational personality of the student and instructor are crucial to learning success.

The best online teachers will be able to engage the students in a fluid, engaging environment while also providing an objective, credible, and factual explanation of the content they are teaching. Oprecia instructors have conducted over 250 live courses and have 40 years of experience total. They also offer online communication solutions for students to address any questions they might have.

Since Oprecia instructors are the ultimate experts, they use online tools to answer questions in real time and discuss potential best practices. This allows students to learn from their top performing peers, just like in the real world.

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