How Many Credits Did You Transfer To Online Learning

Many jobs require more than just a high school diploma and not everyone has the necessary preparation for educational classes. Employers are often looking for candidates with the skills they need in order to perform tasks.

How Many Credits Did You Transfer To Online Learning

In 2017, data set analysis indicated that parents are sending an average of 600 pages of homework a week to their children. It’s interesting to learn how many of those assignments, or assignments that are tracked on track and in a notebook (applied at the end of a four-week term or full year), might be moved to online education platforms.

Digital achievement is increasing.

The latest averages indicate that 36% of college students and 42% of students with graduate degrees rely on digital learning.

Only two weeks after its launch, Intuition Academy has enrolled over 70,000 students across 92 countries. Students take four virtual classes via Intuition Academy for two hours per week for up to six weeks at a time. They finish the course in no time.

How many credit miles has your family utilized with apps in online ed?

They could apply any skills or knowledge they’ve learned to the course, which can include name learning, lifelong reading, research, quiz completion, navigating online social network, and more. The credits are then transferred to any professional certificate or exam that’s needed to change jobs, become a new grad, write a memoir, or get your college degree.

Thirst Coffee’s Steve Jones explains it this way:

“Academy encourages a family that tries the lessons to hand in and file monthly activity reports, as well as more general, weekly activity reports that include progress as taught, read, and played, and comparing insights. Students can review parent activity reports to decide how to prioritize instruction for that particular day/week. Parent reports are accessible via emails, through the Academy’s web portal, or through the Epic Share module.

The daily reports keep a family informed of what they need to do to achieve a great grade or even a higher grade, so they don’t get so stressed out that they forget, or let time slide. The weekly reports track things like “busy weeks” so that parents can look at progress over time.”

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