How Many Credits Did You Transfer To Online Learning

How much should you pay to use the online learning platform Coursera? Our friends at Accounting By Design investigate.

How Many Credits Did You Transfer To Online Learning

Did you apply to get your college degrees and end up getting them online? It might be because the schools that make available their courses are often not listed for approved online learning institutions by the US Department of Education. Universities or accredited trade schools who used to offer courses are listed as approved online learning institutions by the government but “conventional” institutions are not.

I decided to learn to code because I read a Malcolm Gladwell article in which he said computer programming was the future. That isn’t true, but there is one solution that has proven to be successful and took me not long to get up to speed on basics. The new leading campus that focuses on digital learning, up to a year for residents, is California State University Long Beach, located in California. Two thousand and five hundred students are enrolled. The campus is in Costa Mesa, CA, less than 35 miles from Los Angeles. I first walked on campus as a freshman when I was recruited for a computer science internship during summer 2015. Although not high on my list, I had a wonderful professor who pushed us hard in his lectures.

From this day forward, I would call this college a hacker college. This college devotes a lot of energy and resources to helping students become professionally proficient using the tools available in today’s world. Four years of college offers students the opportunity to go on to a degree with online coursework and some schools offer two years of degree completion.

I came to CSULB and was determined to get a course load and successfully apply for the lowest possible academic status. The first thing I did was log on to the university website, located in the OCI section ( I entered the code “certificate.” This allowed me to check out of my old school and start at CSULB. Having already committed to a digital learning program, it was next to impossible to decline this offer.

College is not a life-or-death experience. At CSULB, a lower academic grade does not guarantee that I will be ready for a job offer. Although credits transfer, a transcript cannot be completed until credits are given. Working with my professor, I began a 12-week internship program that included evenings and weekends. I had a really great professor who pushed me and encouraged me, I earned an undergraduate degree in 20 months (only four years) and a master’s degree in three years.

The CSULB experience was the best. I discovered that writing code is exactly the type of activity that I find fulfilling and inspiring. Anywhere I have worked, I learned coding and technology. If I could do it at a non-profit organization, it is my opinion that I would also be able to develop an impressive web presence that would allow people to better understand and relate to the good work they are doing.

An article in Popular Science said it well: “[It’s] a challenge to encourage people in the US to do what they want to do–but to take their coding lessons seriously? That’s a task even more daunting.”

At CSULB, instructors wear full suits and must appear knowledgeable and professional. This environment encourages collaboration and enthusiasm that fosters creativity and innovation.

Some professors make learning interesting by challenging students by challenging their work, but most find ways to help students get engaged, problem solve, and learn to work together with the same purpose in mind. CSULB is one of only 16 federally-approved online learning institutions and provides online classes that can be taken on a host of different platforms with flexibility in scheduling. What makes CSULB special is that its associates degree program with a bachelor’s degree can be completed in less than 3 years.

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