How Many American Corps Train Their Employees Using Online Learning

Modern workers can easily exercise their cognitive capacity with online education.

While you may believe that a company should always have educated employees, research suggests that the Internet has changed the playing field for this.

Maybe companies are doing a better job of educating their workforce than we think. A new study released by TransUnion entitled American Corps Annual Effectiveness of Online Learning finds that 44% of American workers that responded to the survey are now accessing their education needs through online learning. This number should increase with the plethora of online classes available for business and professional training.

Don’t Forget What You Did Before You Joined Your Company

During your entire career there will likely be times when you are going to want to learn something new, and sometimes that is on the Internet. However, do not assume that you are automatically a self-taught expert just because you never went to school and learned on your own. In fact, it could even be considered criminal.

While many people believe that learning online is free, that is not always the case. If you are accessing higher education online for coursework or other online professional training, don’t be caught off guard. You should be able to walk into any major bookstore and buy a book (or books) on your particular area of specialty. The reality is that as an employee, you are working off of a contract for a company. You will not get credit at an academic institution for what you do and may be expected to foot the bill for the classes. It is entirely possible that you are being charged extra to maintain that education.

The third factor which is key to successful online learning is grading. Don’t assume that you are going to be graded the same way you would be at an academic institution. When you take online classes, you are still being graded. Go to that professor’s site and look at their track record and make sure that you are buying into the same thing. Are there red flags there? If not, then you are on the right track.

If you are investing your money in online instruction, you better find good professors. You better ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

The Benefits of Online Training Can Become Costly

Like learning off the Internet, the benefits of online learning can become very expensive. Costs to fund access to materials and the application of professional training continue to rise. For small companies, this can become a huge problem.

The Company You Work For Will Have a Decision to Make

Like with any relationship, if there is one instance where this could play a major role it is with the people you work for. Are you being promised a good return on your investment? If you are, you should jump on it. If not, you need to think long and hard about whether this is a worthwhile undertaking.

If you find that your coworker is turning down an online program, then your first defense as a peer is probably to go talk to the boss about it. If you find out that it is the company that is turned down, you may actually be working for a murderer. The boss is either not interested in online training, or your manager is never being truthful about it.

It has become painfully clear that all employers with a way to utilize online courses and online training must be placing their bet on the benefits. There is an element to what they are doing which is untrustworthy. At some point, companies are going to find themselves on the hook for the bill. Online learning companies are just that, online companies. There will always be a sliver of them that are legitimate educational institutions while many more will not be.

The only reliable way to evaluate the value of online learning is to examine the results of those training programs. I’m not talking about instant results, just a steady stream of training.

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