How Long Does It Take To Get Over The Learning Curve In Eve Online

Reaching the peak of your computer’s virtual world is just the beginning of it, but, you’ll have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

On the surface, Eve Online seems like a simple game. You have a hot dog or a pony, and you’re “meeting my side of the village.” Such is the base story, which has nothing to do with the game’s core competency—the collaborative development of concepts and key gameplay mechanics. Players are commonly quick to dismiss Eve Online and mock its intricate inner workings, but its longevity means that few are actually averse to the game’s intricate ecosystem.

Eve is a virtual MMO that relies on space game mechanics and technologies. While Daybreak Entertainment’s Thargoid is an influential approach to transmedia storytelling, Eve thrives on technology that made for the best possible experiences. Each space station that players purchase and own gives them the ability to run their own physical simulation. They then employ a class system, as well as the abilities of NPCs. Players design their own class systems based on the primary game needs, so micro-leveling can be very specific to the individual.

The individual game player is not just a blind player, however. You should know a few things. First, even after starting, you will be learning. Most first-time players find themselves perplexed and overwhelmed by the complexities of the Eve universe. Second, every player builds his or her own unique game. However, this does not mean Eve is one-note. It is also designed to consist of a dynamic, exciting and fun gameplay experience that might be far less than a traditional MMO.

With this in mind, I decided to analyse some ways that Eve provides a more distinctive, challenging and exciting gaming experience than most free-to-play games. I talked to Steamgirls, an Eve development team, in order to find out what they think makes Eve an incredibly well-received experience.

What products need to exist to drive Eve’s success, and are there products available in the market that fit this description?

As the world loses the ability to produce new economies and companies, Eve has stepped in to fill that role. Beyond that, the difference between Eve and a traditional game is almost immeasurable. Because Eve is built in a collaborative way, the game community is constantly providing input to developers. Eve is also heavily composed of small companies and start-ups that make each day a feat to achieve.

Do the rewards for developers differ for making a successful sequel to the original Eve?

We’ve experienced huge success with RetroPass, so I would say not so. But I see future games and technologies working closely with Eve, making a market for micro-transactions, both in Eve and in the Rift. We’ve seen what can be done and what we have to do, and that’s why we’ve come up with experiences like the Galactic Insurrection.

Why are sequels generally less successful than the original?

This was one of the biggest things that propelled us to success in the first place, and it’s not just with Eve. We’ve had similar issues with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and we’re currently working on No Man’s Sky 2. We obviously want to bring back fans with a new title, but we also want to create a great experience where new people can still feel at home.

Do games still have a significant amount of marketing spend?

There is a significant amount of marketing spend, which I think will continue. The problem with that type of marketing is that it fails to tell the full story of the game and that’s where I think it’s a real problem. It’s hard to pick up what a player might like if she doesn’t know about it, and there are games like No Man’s Sky where there is no flow of information. I personally think that’s the most important aspect of marketing because it will help, but not entirely.

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