How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Prinipls For Smart Teaching Online Pdf

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How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Prinipls For Smart Teaching Online Pdf


If you plan to teach with PDF, create a document template (i.e. if you want to use a cover page and a lot of comments) that includes grammar, vocabulary, and structure. If you do not have a well-designed PDF document, you may not be getting the coverage students need.

Using appropriate language is critically important to helping students succeed. Whenever possible, omit unnecessary words so students can easily understand your communication. Don’t be afraid to change what’s included in the document: previous versions of it (or previous classes) might have more words, short sentences, or related activities that you wish to include.

Make class documents accessible to all students. PDF is great for students who use it only for syllabi and similar documents. But when creating a lesson plan, students should be able to access the document from any platform. If they need to draw a diagram or just need to make a copy of their work, then they can do so. Even if you only use PDF when doing a daily lesson, don’t forget to let students access the document from their preferred device.

At one time, I often had students looking to my class documents for reinforcement of their work. Now, I don’t rely on PDF documents, but I teach out of my laptop so that every student has access to my class materials no matter where they are. So use resources like iMap to make PDF documents accessible to everyone.

The Importance of Design-Build Prinipls For Lesson Plans Online Pdf Lessons

With help from instructors, textbooks, and the like, we can learn from the best of the best in education! The internet provides great learning resources, but should not be used as a substitute for traditional textbooks and assignment-based learning. Learn the following ideas for using PDF in the classroom, to teach with PDF, and help engage students in the best possible way:

Using PDF To Teach With Bonus Content and Structure Prinipls

Once you’ve created a PDF with a textbook chapter and corresponding learning activities, you can also create a lesson that allows students to apply the bonus material to a specific point in the lesson. For example, you might create a PDF of lessons you have studied and asked students to follow by creating a lesson with interactive online activity components. This will highlight what you learned, why you learned it, and the relationship between the learning objectives and the material students encountered.

Adding Prinipls

As an instructor or a professor you have a number of options available to you to include interactive and engaging Prinipls, or downloadable lesson plans. Here are a few tips for creating and integrating Prinipls into your class:

Students can easily follow from one to a dozen Prinipls when they access their assignments online. This simplifies the process and allows students to continue learning as they’re doing their activities.

Prinipls can be linked together on a single sheet, or presented on a simple spreadsheet where each Prinipls is a separate, interactive component. This will allow you to track and see how many students have clicked on each individual Prinipl.

Prinipls are also a great way to better use your online resources and provide more value to your students. Providing brief spreadsheets with students’ results and instruction lets instructors see what questions to ask each student and how they are answering those questions.

Creating Prinipls

Creating a Prinipl is as easy as clicking the Create Prinipl tab (note: it’s important to select “Prinipl” from the next box). If you’re using a PDF for a lesson plan, then the first step is to follow the directions and carefully edit the PDF document. You can open it and make a few simple changes if the PDF description for your lesson is unclear. Next, just click “Create Prinipl” and click “Create Prinipl.” You can then choose a template and head to the next step. Once done, you can rename the Prinipl to the name of the lesson and provide a note section and notes. At this point, it’s pretty much a done deal. Prinipls can be stored in the Mindful Library, so you can access them anytime you need them.

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