How Is University Of Phoenix Online Learning Rated

For some, there are few things in life worse than being stuck in a boring job that you hate. However, there is a solution: tuition-free, on-line tuition tuition that is earning a 4.

College isn’t cheap. And with tuition on the rise, more and more people are looking for cost-effective alternatives. The first, and only, online higher education institution is the University of Phoenix. Yet, with the exciting news coming out that the majority of future workers will be required to pass a coding class to be considered for employment, some wonder how well their university online schooling is prepared for the job market. How does University of Phoenix’s online program stack up against other colleges and universities?

Education Ratings And Rankings

In 2017, Students First looked at over 40 top schools to create a list of the best online programs. According to their report, “UM’s online program received the highest possible rating of 5, a distinction shared with the University of Toronto and University of California, Berkeley.” Other universities received much lower ratings, including in lower than 3.5 rating. The Americans with Disabilities Act has stipulated that institutions offering education programs must meet a minimum standard to receive accreditation. Higher education institutions can choose to meet this standard by, among other measures, administering an on-site performance assessment and testing the quality of their instruction to be certified with their accreditation.

In addition to yearly performance assessments and testing, the organization also looks at a number of other measures to identify areas of concern. These indicators include student success (as reflected in student retention rates and acceptance into graduation programs), affordability, program quality, and resources for the student experience.

Ultimately, UMA’s standards for accredited programs are set so that institutions “are delivering quality, reasonably priced education that meets the academic needs of their students and that promotes social mobility, fostering economic growth, and building and maintaining healthy communities.” While the average cost for a bachelor’s degree program at University of Phoenix is certainly high at $56,651.31, the graduation rate at the university in 2016, 69.8 percent, is much higher than that of the national average (42.2 percent).

Offering Discounts And Discounted Students

In a report released in March 2019, The Open Society Foundations released their findings from a 2016 Open Markets Institute report. That report assessed online programs offered by Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix. The report found that “university officials at both institutions reported offering significant discounts to students who attend online degrees courses without financial aid.” As a comparison, the most recent 2016 report from on a typical full-time undergraduate tuition cost was $41,464.65 for an in-state public four-year university program. In order to keep tuition affordable, several universities are offering discounts of varying degrees. The University of Phoenix’s discount is steep at more than 55 percent. Arizona State University has also offered discounts of at least 26 percent for most students.

A third report, released by the Higher Education Price Index released in April 2019, found that most online online programs in the U.S. offered reduced tuition rates for several courses as well as discounted passes for students not participating in financial aid. Many of these programs are expected to increase in popularity over the next decade, both as a result of teacher shortages and an expected surge in employment in the programmatic computer science fields.

The Face Of Online Education

While there are more than 50 million people enrolled in college today, over 40 million of them choose to avoid the rigors of the campus setting by opting for an online education program. Online education is becoming more common as organizations struggle to adequately train their workers for a changing job market. These programs might be time-consuming, and some students find that the difficulty of passing online classes is overwhelming. Despite those concerns, many people appreciate the efficiency of online education. Online university programs also become more and more available as the need for new educators grows, due to the pressures of a rapidly changing job market. Online college education is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the broader educational experience.

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