How Is The Online Learning At Fullsail

When it comes to online learning, grammar and usage is key. Maryanne Roller explores the grad school application process that pushes students to graduate with fine writing.

In my previous essays, I’ve discussed my experience pursuing graduate studies at Boston University and the challenges I faced trying to remain true to my passions. In this installment, I want to share my journey with a new professional challenge, another life experience that saw me wondering, if I was headed somewhere for good, how did I ever get here? I’ve taken an interest in online education, especially those focused on traditional rather than hybrid (online-campus) programs, which allows students to become active participants while still getting the hands-on experience they want. In my new adventure, I’m exploring from the local roots of Boston University’s Wharton School of Business, to Fullsail, a brand new online learning program in women’s leadership, giving students a strong, proven foundation in management and leadership.

Fullsail is one of the most notable pioneers and providers of Digital Transformation, FMCG (Future Corporation’s Women in Marketing, Advertising, and Retail), and Communications Education programs online. Founded in 1992, the Wharton School at BU has produced a high-demand entrepreneurial class for a great many years. The Wharton Impact MBA became my first go-to online course when I was training for and practicing my MBA business writing curriculum. With strong instructor-led assessments for understanding in-class material and for assessment of writing skills, the class was challenging and challenging, earning me a reputation as a superior writer and honing my critical writing.

The Wharton Impact MBA, however, has an interesting additional program, bringing in the full Harvard Business School management curriculum: HBS, under the auspices of Wharton, is now a Fullsail partner. (Fullsail is also a partner in Harvard’s HBS’s online learning portal, HarvardX; in its original partnership with Wharton, HBS offered a “distance learning” version of its undergraduate program. In 2018, Wharton and Harvard Online launched the first-ever Master of Business Administration online program for non-tenure track HBS graduate students and interns. We launched HBS Senior Program 5.0 in 2017.)

Courtesy of Fullsail Fullsail is not your typical online start-up program. For one, it’s based on a hybrid of two larger programs (HBS and Wharton) with a strong focus on online student participation. The speakers and instructors are a first for online education as they represent backgrounds and programs on the business side and a more niche and classical management school orientation on the communication side. Instead of putting core economics or global governance to shame, Fullsail looks to how data and innovation can be leveraged to improve core capabilities in all business practices and business development. This is no trite so-called “next age” marketing move-it’s also the trite “old school” move: an educated, grounded return to the foundations of entrepreneurship and effective business practice grounded in the classical management practices of business development, reporting, and creating value. What makes Fullsail so unique is it connects with the range of roles, as well as interests, that traditional online students need, combining the reputation of a traditional top school with the depth of an online learning approach.

Fullsail’s website — originally launched in 2014 as “Confluence Fellows” and now bearing the Fullsail name — boasts a “real-time Classroom.” Classroom profiles offer clues into the program’s overall curriculum, teaching quality, engagement, students’ learning styles, group dynamics, student samples, mentor-generated lectures and tests, and feedback. Expect for reports, with photos and other multimedia, regarding student progress — a professor’s most valuable gift. In the classroom, Fullsail instructors are primarily working faculty and professors, some offering their former lives in management, teaching, consulting, and industry experience.

This is one of the great strengths of the web: Wherever and whenever students do well — whether in their respective programs, companies, careers, or careers — it’s reported within the program and through the programs’ websites. To me, this is all part of what makes business education powerful: it’s an ongoing story of the student that can be tracked and shared, contributing to the knowledge bank of every course, leaving us all better informed, both in the classroom and across the industry and technology landscape. I’m looking forward to how Fullsail develops from strength to strength.

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