How Is Online Learning Beneficial

In this episode of “Levees Better,” Ethel Speight shares how online courses are great for parents who want to learn more about their baby.

How Is Online Learning Beneficial

The music business has long recognized the importance of technical know-how when it comes to making it in the industry. Singers have always taken keyboard lessons and gotten help with their vocal chords. New technology is helping to prepare tomorrow’s superstars for the possible demands of a global musical career.

It’s no secret that music can be a very technical industry, requiring some serious schooling to achieve career success. The way things work in this particular industry isn’t changing; if you’re searching for work, technical abilities still play a critical role in attracting potential employers. In fact, over the last few years we’ve seen technological advances that make courses in the field easier and faster to complete.

Whether you’re looking to become an entertainment journalist, perform your own routines, or become a producer, everyone needs some technical skills. Musicians and producers alike often take courses in production or even computer programming, and learning these skills can be a huge advantage when vying for a coveted, non-credit internship or senior position at a major record label. For aspiring musicians, technical skills can mean the difference between making it and being left behind.

Practice is the key to learning

In the aftermath of the entertainment industry’s current struggles, the music business is in need of fresh ideas and new ways to reach a larger audience. In order to gain this expertise, students need to employ technology that makes learning and performing more convenient and comprehensive. Case in point: the YouTube platform.

YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing site, has emerged as an increasingly important tool for anyone looking to build their portfolio. Virtually anyone can upload their video content and post it to the service, and the company has quickly become the dominant outlet for content production. The YouTube platform allows for group productions that rival those of major broadcast television networks, such as the video game YouTube channel for Rocket League, and the bilingual comedy channel Maestro Latinos. In addition to making new and exciting content, YouTube has become a formidable training ground for aspiring musicians, thanks to the platform’s technical proficiency.

YouTube was quickly identified as a solution to the music industry’s technological needs, enabling entrepreneurs to learn in a convenient way and significantly cutting down on the costs of a traditional music workshop. Popular music producers like Matt Damon, Eminem, and Jennifer Lopez have all taken advantage of this in-person education to sharpen their skills and prepare for their career in the music industry.

Major labels are beginning to recognize the importance of in-person workshops

The success of the YouTube platform has also given rise to online learning courses, with major record labels realizing the advantages of connecting with rising talents over the internet. A case in point is the sale of popular musician Tessa Roe. The organizer of White Room Workshop, Roe began teaching virtual workshops to aspiring musicians in the early 2000s, and has since evolved into a forward-thinking musician. Her online courses are often paid for by universities and big music publishing companies, and help aspiring musicians to turn their ideas into reality.

“Learning from someone who has worked with famous musicians over the years and is able to relate to the struggles and triumphs of those that are still trying to get their big break has been so rewarding. I believe that the best lessons learn in life are learned from those who have gone through the same difficulties as you or worse. You must study from the best, so you are the best,” wrote Tessa Roe.

Online learning is valuable for musicians who have limited time or limited mobility to take sessions in person. On-the-go learners like Nick Hudson, who is studying in the Netherlands, often benefit from taking online courses in a format that suits their needs. Other students take advantage of virtual workshops in different cultural settings, learning their craft or expanding their knowledge through technological tool-sets like YouTube and virtual technology.

Even the best can improve

Unfortunately, while new technologies are helping to meet music business demands, these tools still have some limitations. Technology isn’t a panacea, and new innovations often don’t meet the needs of everyone. Still, these tools do help to improve the learning and performance experiences of students who are trying to complete courses in an age of short attention spans. Instead of cramming for a class, students can take advantage of technological accessibility and take individual classes which emphasize problem solving and problem-solving skills. Some industry professionals, such as Tyson Carter, emphasize the need for a disciplined approach to virtual learning in order to reach a satisfactory level of development.

“A lot of people have misconceptions about the kind of things that can be done online, but that wasn’t the case for me because it was part of the education process for me. I knew that if I was going to learn something that I had to do it all in a different setting. I do it

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