How I Got A Job From Learning For Free Online

To move a company, a reporter needs a compelling angle. But, did you know you can learn valuable skills for free?

I was trying to figure out how to spend more time with my daughter, and had recently found myself working in tech as a freelancer. I had been doing some development on my own, but I needed to get more attention to my existing projects. Now I had this idea: I would make myself as familiar as possible with the online software that I could go buy at a steep discount.

When I told my daughter, there was another idea.

Once the hours of homework got done I needed to spend more time with her. I could always go online for tutoring.

It doesn’t take long to become proficient in some of the basic fundamentals of coding. I started out with Beacons – buttons that appear on computer screens in certain situations. Soon I could work my way to more complex models and all the uses that come with them. If my daughter were to want to learn about coding, I would want her to start there.

I had this in mind, then I had this: The software is free. Sure, it takes a while to nail down the basic concept of how you interact with these small pieces of code, but nothing is preventing you from jumping right in.

Then, for no other reason than curiosity, I started to dig through old websites. I happened upon a javascript extension that was really easy to use. I was so happy I found it! Even better: it was free!

A few years later, I now have two daughters of my own who are less than a year apart in age, one that is a student and one that is in grade school. I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to have a strong start with my children when it comes to learning. We have two Eans in kindergarten. One needs a technological learning foundation, one doesn’t. We are fortunate enough that we can, if we choose to take advantage of a free online community that can just as easily be learned using a keyboard, a mouse, or a tablet. It’s almost like they are generations apart.

I could go into details about the programming language, the language plug-ins and extensions that I have used in the past to achieve my own level of proficiency. I can’t do that. It’s the kind of thing you can only do once, so there is no substitute. What I can do is share with you what is driving me to learn at my own pace.

Use your phone to plug into my home page, the community website of a free online community for advanced people with extra kinks to work out, and there you will find more than 100,000 people in a community that has them. There are people going through incredible leaps in mastery at a steady pace, and the constant inspiration is addicting.

Creating a customized profile gives you flexibility, which is something my daughter loves. You can find it online here. The individual focus is what makes it so great.

On average I have 350 – 500 stories per day. Most of them are from stories I have read and are not related. I choose to post about my own personal progress and my collection of tutorials. I personally believe that the material I gather leads to greater levels of mastery.

My account is very open and free. I have friend connections on this site and great discussion threads. There is always something great to learn.

Now if you are an introverted person looking for community to have a two-way discussion with, great. I am actually able to get some work done on my own account with that going on. The community evolves itself. It is interactive, that gives even more value to the visitor.

Those with open minds are really the ones being propelled forward. Talk to me and you will learn a lot by using this community. I am blessed and fortunate to be able to do just that, and I hope to start another educational project shortly.

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