How Have You Dealt With The Technology Of This Learning Style And Online Culture

This style of learning feels familiar to any adult who grew up with technology or a home computer. We’ve all seen it.

How Have You Dealt With The Technology Of This Learning Style And Online Culture

This School Year is shaping up to be the most pivotal in over a decade. Thanks to the rise of online learning platforms and online teachers, we are losing the face-to-face interaction of a traditional college class. It has become easier to skip the steep classroom learning curve and make mistakes in real time, and all because of the increased accessibility we have through technology. Since the advent of online learning, how have you dealt with the technology of this learning style and online culture? Have you taken this into consideration while selecting your next big decision and have embraced its benefits?

Choosing a Writing Certificate Program

Approximately 17% of today’s College students take a composition writing program. The popularity of writing certificates as an option for higher education comes largely from students who take courses that will give them a leg up in their future career. While their career paths are still in progress, writing instructors meet them individually to help them understand the teaching style of a certain field and help them grow more skills to communicate effectively in their writing. They achieve a high degree of independence as a result, knowing that they are not only getting advanced professional development, but also building the career of their dreams.

Additionally, many writing programs allow instructors to virtually meet students with some instructors looking to create a collaborative learning environment to help the students grow as writers. If you are looking to spend the next few years in an online learning program, you can learn a lot from this program.

For 2015, forty schools in New York received national recognition for being the top-performing writing programs by K12 Inc. Admissions Advisor reports indicate that New York was the top performing state, with ninety percent of schools receiving state recognition. The top ten writing programs for 2015 nationwide included:

The number of students enrolled in online writing programs is growing year over year, a 10-year trend. Additionally, the number of programs open to all students on a local level had increased by 400 percent in a decade.

The percentage of women students increased from 27% in 1998 to 58% in 2017. Most writing programs for all levels have a 15% female enrollment, but the largest majority of writing programs are more closed than open to women (see Figure 1). However, many writing programs are open to women exclusively or in special instances, like women behind bars, history majors, Peace Corps volunteers, and military veterans.

An effective writing program requires a good evaluation of what skills, experiences, knowledge, etc. need to be cultivated for students to learn the writing method and to communicate effectively in the future. When selecting an online writing program, here are some things to consider:

Do you need to learn how to write blog posts?

Do you want the option to have Skype conversations or some other online interaction with your instructors?

Are you looking for a special assignment to exercise your writing skills?

What kind of style of writing do you write best and do you ever have any trouble writing without distractions?

Are you ready to learn the writing process from scratch and write at the speed of words per minute?

Do you want a professional support system for your writing?

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow as a writer in a supportive environment?

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“o’riordan, Tim “”how Should We Measure Online Learning Activity?”””
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