How Has Online Learning Evolved Historicallt

It’s all about the art of online learning. Master the most immersive online learning experience with me and learn how online learning has evolved.

Historicallt is an online course platform launched in 2011 by two brilliant men – (Ritesh) Mehta and (Prithiv) Ratpadevi, co-founder of Aroundbooks. Based in Hyderabad, India, this online platform provides students from their homeland, the USA, UK, Germany, Germany, Canada, and Canada another option for learning. This platform has reached every corner of the world.

Students from the USA can take classes by taking charge of class resources including: resources from books, lectures, and other multimedia assets, such as videos, from YouTube and other online providers.

An aspiring Mindset

Historicallt started its journey 15 years ago with the vision to revolutionize the way people learn in higher education. After a decade of treading the journey, they have taken this set of words to its next level. Along with recognizing the need for creating a digital culture for learning, Mehta and Ratpadevi, were unsatisfied with the technology in higher education in India. Together, they decided to change it and created a better solution with no brick and mortar infrastructure. They launched it in 2011 as an Online Learning Platform for classes through a virtual campus which is brought together by online students’ chat group. They also designed a learning platform so that they could achieve their vision of online learning at the optimum pace.

Where Are You Learning Now?

Historicallt allows learners in 5 global countries to enroll and online for courses based on content from around the world. Classes can be taken on tablets, smart phones, laptops, and webcams for all classes. The site hosts 180 languages including languages that aren’t native to India – Greek, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Thai, Vietnamese, Romanian, Korean, and Chinese, among others. The platform has an analytics dashboard to track learning progress in every course.

Student Feedback

Historicallt ensures that you get a feedback from others via an online feedback system. Other than any form of payment, students get instant discounts on airfare, hotel bookings, car rentals, and food packages on a monthly basis. The company is building a system that would allow them to send preferential offers and discounts to their students.

Motivational Expression

Historicallt was founded based on the school of thought that students are taught by their instructors on the pages of books. On the other hand, teachers are completely remunerated by their employers. However, this does not work out well for students who spend hours on the phone, staring at a screen with nobody nearby. Under this situation, students simply lose interest in their learning journey. Historicalallt aims to facilitate learning through their combination of live educational video and multimedia. Their models ensure you get a different kind of content. This is important as to what impact it will have on students’ life and career. This aims to make the learning experience a happier and better one.

Target Audience

Historicallt connects its students with the instructors of their choice. These include professors from Ivy League universities, university professors from all over the world, as well as MDs and corporate executives from India. They have a suite of standardized educational videos and various media resources to offer students an opportunity to learn at their own pace. Every step of the learning process is aimed at accelerating growth, in a way that helps students to become globally competitive.

Inventive Innovations

Historicallt has over 250 instructors in its network. The key ingredient that contributes to these innovations is the fact that it is run by two experts in digital technologies – Mehta and Ratpadevi. Historicalallt has a working idea that shifts the focus from the traditional way of studying. This is reflected by the proliferation of software in classrooms of major world universities. Why is this important? It is because students can easily learn anywhere and anytime and spread the impact of their knowledge. This shift from traditional ways of learning to technology has had a profound impact on the entire educational industry.

Expanding Business Opportunities

Historicallt wants to reach its ideal market in the next phase. Therefore, they are planning to expand their inbound platform into the market in the next few years. As a part of this expansion, historicalallt will facilitate students who are studying in India in studying in foreign countries. In addition, historicalallt has plans to acquire publishers of text books and present them through their online platform.

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