How Has Online Classes Enhanced Learning

Online classes are a great way to stay on top of your career. From martial arts to language study to music appreciation, here are five online courses that will help you enhance your learning.

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From Catwoman’s face mask to Da Vinci’s sixties masterpiece, we’ve all done our best to emulate the masterful style of old masterpieces. How we knew these pieces of masterpieces was precisely because of the instruction in the teacher’s hand, rather than the paint and canvas they were crafted out of. But how important are these textbook models to the rise of learning and educating through the internet? For many people, it’s how they earn a living.

Jeremy McDaull of Melbourne, Australia is one of those busy, in demand professionals who finds some of his best results via the internet. McDaull is a photographer and would do just about anything to catch a glimpse of his subjects. While practicing for a photo shoot of the flawless model, he got a vision of his face cream, which was perfect for his clients, and decided to try to perfect it himself. So he founded Vogue Vita Makeup School, an “online guide for vajazzling the nation.” Where McDaull spends much of his time on Facebook, he started giving lessons online in August of 2016. His open-format lesson videos and integrated test will keep everyone engaged at the click of a button.

Plus, he has his own makeup line in Vogue Vita Makeup, his business name that draws more attention to his expertise. Although McDaull spends time evaluating his preparation by visually shooting a full dress or skin face, this past weekend he threw a Vogue Vita Makeup Festival, something “only the internet” could do. Around 200 people gathered to watch and learn from McDaull.

While McDaull has received massive success with his photography, it was his love of makeup that made him want to share it with others.

“I am a massive lover of makeup, I’ve been obsessed since I was a little girl. Having a career as a photographer really allowed me to be creative, but without makeup I don’t think I’d have had the creative license,” he told XXL. While many of us have modeled for money, others have a client base who asks them to perform their makeup. McDaull wanted to bring his expertise to students and students to him, leaving customers begging for their applications.

Although McDaull already teaches some beauty lessons in a fashion runway school, his medium of choice keeps expanding. For 2017, McDaull has placed his YouTube makeup tutorials, which can be seen here, as his #1 most watched video. His skill set complements many prominent YouTube series, everything from beauty tricks, to offering digital makeup and hair styling workshops.

He’s able to expand his viewers, reaping a total of 165,000 subscribers. Although many of these subscribers are women, the videos are listed in a variety of age groups, including children and men. They receive thousands of subscribers daily.

McDaull’s upcoming Vogue Vita Makeup festival is set to be filmed in a luxury 4,500 square foot cabin, which will be provided by a loved one.

Digital transformations are only creating more opportunities and branching out to people’s past habits. Beyond marketing, being able to provide personalized advice, and bringing in resources, such as the state-of-the-art photo lab, online classes continue to expand. To this same end, digital classes are teaching “information services and professional development,” according to OnlineClassGuide, a leading digital course management service provider.

Once an industry has established itself online, the people who work in that industry already have a headstart when learning. A digital training session can, and should, span across several continents, with different professionals offering tools and insights while people watch the lessons in their own context and time, which eases those who are still interested in continuing their education in a classroom.

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