How Does Online Learning Stop Procrastination

Tired of your behind-the-computer trips in the mornings, late nights, or long days? To accomplish it all you must embrace the necessity of leisure time.

How Does Online Learning Stop Procrastination

eTexting is becoming the latest way for college students to go to school or learn in different ways. eTexting means you simply push a button to begin your class, and then continue on with the class. If the screen freezes or breaks, you simply press another button, which will then continue your class.

Everything that happens on the screen when you can’t listen is recorded and will help you later. I’ve had a few examples where the class goes beyond what’s currently in the lecture, but that’s typical when you have a live audience. So this is what I mean when I talk about how the screens go live. If you follow the script, everything is recorded and available later.

If you’re lazy, you can simply press a button to mute the speaker and you can use the mute button to deactivate the microphone. This is typically a solution that teachers use to give us a breather while we take a moment to pause and think. If it’s a class that demands too much from us and we need to take a break, then this is the simplest way to do it. But if you want to continue the lecture, go ahead and hit that silent button.

So how does this change the learning environment?

We’re now essentially being taught in very small bites that we can pick up wherever we need to. This means the classroom will be smaller and we’ll be spending less time on what I’ll refer to as brick and mortar learning. We still need a brick and mortar learning space for the first two hours or so, because we’re still reading, writing, and discussing at the same time. As we move into the class, we need to capture that chunk of time for the first two hours, if we want to be better able to learn the material and apply the ideas.

The only way to do this is to have more “brick and mortar” teaching in a class. Learning expands, when we’re using the skills we’ve acquired in a real world and in a real setting. However, we still need a space that is both a learning environment and a learning space, because we still need to apply these skills. A lot of what we’ve tried to do with eTexting in the past has been to adopt learning methods that work for business, but then fail when we try it for learning. Because you can’t learn that way, you end up with a lot of practicing that doesn’t lead to real world learning.

At Florida State University, we implemented a technology platform that was called the Brain+Learning Framework, and we continue to look for innovative ways to maximize our resources. Students can now have a single platform where they can take their classes virtually at any time, participate in a variety of classes that are offered, and work on their final projects while continuing their course work at other times. And they can take the class on the iPhone, iPad, Android device, or laptop they choose.

Many of our students choose to take online courses on their own. This leads us to a whole new era of how the classroom environment is created. Rather than having a brick and mortar space that is filled with traditional teachers, you’re now having a peer-to-peer learning experience where all the students are working together and learning from one another, rather than in a classroom that is so isolated from other students. And we’re also able to teach what’s currently happening in the class in real time, so that you can absorb the information and knowledge much more quickly. So even though this class is a learning environment, you don’t feel like you’re learning from a distance, which is what separates eTexting from traditional classrooms.

How does eTexting fit into my learning at work?

When I am learning something, it’s through the internet. I can work on the craft and practice it in a real world environment, whether that’s through an online class, or doing my own homework using the software I have available to me. The best part about this is that because I have the technology with me, I can take the class wherever I want.

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