How Does Learning Online Helps Student Develop Better

Did you know that school is getting easier and it’s creating a bottleneck at some schools? In modern day educational times, it’s so difficult to create a fresh, strong and safe environment to teach our future students.

How Does Learning Online Helps Student Develop Better

Learning may seem like a waste of time if you don’t have a clear goal and definitely don’t have someone in mind. But if you don’t get a sense of purpose, then all that studying can go in vain, and even create a source of insecurity. It’s difficult to fight against your “survival instinct” when you see other kids kick back on a couch and catch up on the latest TV shows while you’re cramming for the exams. Learning online, however, helps you figure out what the real purpose is in life, and develop the know-how for how to live the best life possible.

The Internet is being called a revolution for education. At present, nearly 20% of U.S. adults are some form of tech-savvy in something called “internet savvy” according to a national survey from the Pew Research Center. In 2013, only eight percent of that group said they knew what a netbook was. Almost a quarter of them were “avid” online users. And a vast majority of them were not computer science majors.

The factor that’s most surprising is that 18 to 29 year olds were significantly more likely to be savvy tech-savvy in internet skills than over 40-year-olds.

While the benefits of using the Internet for education are well-known, how it can help you improve your learning process is not. We all know students are constantly learning, and this is where online learning comes in. The internet can be an amazing way for you to take that learning a step further and learn as well as help other students. Think how much you’ve grown as an individual because of experience that is available online. You’ve become your own leader, and you know how to lead others, especially during the test time. With your current knowledge base, along with new information that pops up, it helps you better understand information your students have received or are provided with.

Online learning can help you self-improve, too. Even if you feel like an expert in everything, there’s always something you can learn that will help others. Even if you feel like you have all the answers, you might discover there are others more adept at answering the same questions. The more you learn, the more you’ll push yourself to find that knowledge and self-improvement opportunity on the internet.

College students who are learning online are currently being called the most educated generation since the 1950s. That means four out of five students who graduated college in 2014 were online learners. In other words, many of those students are self-taught and going online to learn more.

The world is still evolving. Technology and learning will continue to grow in ways we don’t know. Traditional models of learning aren’t obsolete, but we are expecting more from today’s youth than what was expected from the people of yesterday.

Our world has changed, and so have our expectations and needs. Online learning can serve us well as our quest for knowledge continues to expand.

Catherine, J. (Catherine) and Karen Van Driel, RC (Chen)

After graduating from high school, Catherine Van Driel decided that college was not the right choice for her. But, after continuing to face family situations that caused her to struggle academically, Catherine began to pursue personal growth and self-improvement. To overcome her struggles, Cathy learned to consider the needs of others instead of her own, worked through personal and educational challenges, became interested in a variety of topics, built relationships, and became the most educated student she could be. Following Catherine’s advice, her professional life has been filled with leadership in innovative ways. Cathy now works with professional students in many fields to understand the challenges they face and how to work together effectively. Cathy has advised students who have struggled through life’s lessons and helped each and every one of them learn to become the best possible leaders they can be. Karen Van Driel, Jr. is an experienced, highly respected, and highly motivated leader. She lives life to the fullest and strives to bring others along in the pursuit of happiness. Karen enjoys being in her community and likes to make contributions to efforts that both benefit the community and which create an increase in personal fulfillment for herself.

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