How Does Diversity Affect Online Learning

Learn more about how diversity impacts online learning for higher education institutions from blogs by Lauren Hughes, assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Education, humanities and social studies.

How Does Diversity Affect Online Learning

Most people are aware that lack of diversity in the workplace inhibits engagement and productivity. With online learning platforms using a similar model, what effect does this have on online learning?

Lack of Diversity in Online Courses

So what should online learners know if they are interested in the diversity of courses offered?

It will help them to understand their goals of getting professional skills. For instance, if a student is short on online skills, then it might be quite helpful to sign up for a course that includes much instruction in specific areas. For example, professional skills in business and strategy would be useful to users of online courses if they have a chance to receive additional instruction in these areas.

Another important aspect that online learners should know is the assumption that a typical university is set up to give lectures. This assumption ignores the fact that organizations have a lot of users that are present on their online platforms. The work of Online Learning Institute should be able to manage them and identify skills of the most effective use. So if people are registered to watch lectures, the work is often done manually. However, there is nothing wrong in realizing that organizations are dealing with more than 2 billion learners around the world.

At International Online Learning Institute, we take advantage of various types of speakers to engage people in a different way. To achieve this goal, we try to first observe user engagement on our platform. Through our user research, we first showed them a few popular platforms such as YouTube. Then, we made a hypothesis that people that have shown interest in learning will want to continue their learning by listening to expert speakers. As people become interested in this, we could offer them opportunities to tune into streamed lectures and live talks. This helps them to learn the content faster and increases their retention.

At the same time, our listeners are able to see the video while learning online. So their interaction with the online platform is almost like interaction in a real classroom. Having a small group of students can foster the feeling of social learning.

The Diversity of the Online Instructor

In university, most instructors follow a system that includes a rotational pattern: each lecturer would be an instructor for a certain amount of time. However, online courses with lectures as part of the content don’t have a frequent rotation pattern. They never use an exact procedure for teaching. They learn from one day to the next and allow the trainees to learn from one lecturer as well.

As learning opportunities can arise every day, instructors must learn the skills of learning through repetition. This is what is practiced at IOLI. Therefore, they sometimes learn by following a book on the website. They also engage students in a discussion forum.

At IOLI, we focus on creating a series of teachers to educate people. Thus, we can provide a service that works towards individual improvements of students. As instructors with higher learning goals, it is their responsibility to receive training of this type. IOLI will provide great experiences for them as they plan for their own professional development.

How Online Learning Works

Online learning is not the training that has its own library. The program itself is entirely available. This is contrary to training workshops that usually have required tools and tablets. Some students choose a specific workshop with various assignments or learning tools. However, because the content of the website is offered live, students can get advice at any time. This means that when instructors offer a PowerPoint teaching program, they can watch it anytime. It gives teachers the opportunity to replay popular online courses at any time.

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