How Does Biology Lab Works If Online Learning

I am a Biology PhD and my position is a part-time lab technician at the university in Northern California. I would like to work as a clinical scientist at a hospital but also have interest in a research position.

How Does Biology Lab Works If Online Learning

I’m at my son’s biology lab.

First thing in the morning, they clean their working area. Rain is pushing past the doors as I speak, and the sweat, sweat and more sweat has soaked down the chalk board. Next up is a new test that involves pointing, explaining and writing.

Second period, the students poke, prod and poke until they get it right. And they practice before they have to line up and sign their test a few days later. This is Biology lab, which has been running in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and beyond for more than 70 years and is hosted at Temple University. Today, this three-classroom complex hosts 330 faculty and includes five student mini labs in the Innovation Center.

Fourteen million students each year study in STEM programs, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Education. Many of them have come to these labs to “get” life science science: diagnosis and analysis of animal or vegetable parts, reproduction, and the basics of genetics and genomics. At TU’s labs, students are proving the value of using data-driven techniques to analyze large groups of data, determine trends and map outcomes to better inform medical care and business. The experts and options for information gathered by these labs help students land jobs in data analytics, machine learning, genetics, genomics, biomathematics, biostatistics, environmental analysis, toxicology, molecular medicine, educational technology, venture capital and many other jobs. The labs and the folks who work in them will help keep that trend going.

Business+Science Done Right!

The first thing visitors see are the students in their workspaces. The informal, collegiate attitude is palpable in their communal environment, where they spend most of their time doing work of their choosing — and it’s not always on the computers. Students write, test, trace, scan, render, and collect results for experiments that help them land jobs in future careers. The labs lead students to their next step in education. The lessons learn here are applied by administrators at educational institutions all over the country.

Three labs (and eight other spaces) include learning studios, mobile labs, labs for learning experiences, dedicated classrooms and meeting rooms, and a computer lab where you can take classes. More than 9,500 teachers visit the labs annually, giving each session more than 500,000 student visits. Other resources include a Career Services office, a screening room for 6,000 students annually, a research lab, pre-service biology labs for new faculty, pre-service classrooms for seniors and for non-degree candidates. If that’s not enough, TU’s John E. Jacobs School of Engineering has its own branch in the lab complex, which gives the Jacobs school its own specialty in health science.

Tuning Up For Graduation

Meeting with the labs’ dozens of staff and faculty, it is apparent that people working in these lab space don’t just do science. To me, it was a surprise how people who hold the lab keys also have credit to other disciplines, including business and law. Gene group coordinator Alexis Martinez-Cervantes says “I understand how much of the environment we need to make our environment friendly for students and the faculty,” and she enjoys being able to work with the engineering students. She is also grateful for the kids who came to her office, have questions or look for help.

Inheriting Working Space

Math lab coordinator Cathie Campbell sees all ages in her students, and often she gets tears in her eyes because they “often say they are so happy to get out from under my hip to do what they have been doing, but we couldn’t teach them more,” she says. The students need computers. Computers are where they will come to work, learn and get ready for postgraduate and career assignments. The class where I stayed during my visit was taking on data visualization projects using data viz tools that had brought students into the world of data analytics. Art coordinator Grace Miller’s students spend their time sketching and painting, painting, drawing — in this lab, it’s all in a day’s work.

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