How Do You Reference An Online Learning Page

The school is great for summer school projects, English class, and to simply try your hand at something new. But for adults who just want to try something new, it’s good to hear that this might not be the best option after all.

How Do You Reference An Online Learning Page

By: Stephanie Lambert

For many of us, learning online isn’t new. Especially among middle schoolers and high school students, this is how many would describe what they do all day: spend time researching, brainstorming, and creating. And that’s certainly the case with the solution that originally surfaced on Trello. The Trello Challenge went viral on social media when it was first posted, and over 30,000 people signed up to enter.

The solution didn’t originally require a lot of work. Simply equip yourself with a program that understands SQL and make a software developer the subject of your course. That simple step (and this is not a simple task!) netted you a few responses. In fact, hundreds of hundreds of individual responses to the challenge, using the brand-new personality coding calculator, were available. Trello also had its own entry. But now it isn’t just anyone attempting to enter. It’s Yale computer science professor Barry Vinnebret who came up with a completely new solution: Wikipedia integration.

I have found it helpful in a few situations, and I’ve had this conversation with other people who have done similar things, whether it be the Trello Challenge or the MIT-related Civil Resilience Taskforce. It depends on the subject you are looking to address, but here’s how to participate:

Step 1: Prioritize Your Organization’s Needs

When entering a new challenge, my advice is to make sure your organization has a pre-existing online learning management system. Do you have a dedicated department of online learners, or do you work with the entire company’s whole mission/philosophy online? If not, a new online learning platform could help you include your team in current, innovative tech and present how it will help them as they work to implement the change in their organization and implement needed projects/projects.

It’s important to have a way to ensure that your online learning is regularly evaluated and changed as needed. If an online learning platform, such as Lynda, is the best fit for your company, complete that step! The system provides three required courses within the platform’s functionality that all managers and supervisors could use to determine how they will support and guide the learners as they work on a new project. Having complete resources allows you to know what changes you need to make, or to better assist students to complete what they are assigned.

If nothing else, let your employee guide them. Do they know about coding languages? There are many excellent online options, as well as coursepacks that support teaching students how to use the platform. By setting a goal, and allowing the employees to work out the complications along the way, you ensure your courses are incorporating best practices.

Step 2: Google in Advance for Competencies

When it comes to testing capability, no matter if you are just getting started with the platform or your group of managers/supervisors has a platform, the best thing you can do is test your employees’ knowledge on the platform, and remove any barriers or errors that have occurred. This is important for all sorts of reasons, but I am specifically referring to those who are building projects that will help the organization as a whole.

Learn about the capabilities for the platform. Determine your teams’ training capabilities. Make sure the skill levels are aligned with current skills and knowledge, and ensure employees are taking classes that are aligned with future projects. In fact, this could be a specific skill which is not on the platform, or it could be course pack content, something in the works at the moment.

When it comes to training modules, ensure that you are reviewing your business to your organization goals and engaging employees at the right level for the kinds of things that they do. Do the training with intention to build and bring a successful product to the team.

Step 3: Choose the Hardest Technical Objectives You Can Think of

Ask your team to choose the hardest technical objectives you can think of. This will support the most difficult tasks, and test the individual skills of all learners. Don’t forget about interaction – involve all members of the team in and around this task, whether in the school or at work, or even testing them via a test so they know exactly what it is they are supposed to do.

You also want to be clear with how you plan to train the learner, and how these tasks will be graded. Those two interplay together to determine how effective training will be.

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