How Do You Integrate Online Learning Into Curriculum

Get smarter, gain wisdom—and allow time to see how teaching and learning are blended in-class.

Regardless of how complex a course is, engaging with online learning students is difficult because there’s never enough time for professors to spend on lecturing, quizzes, assessments, etc. There are numerous courses that have changed the face of education. From attending weekend MBA classes on public transportation to equipping students with perfect mobile phone skills, online learning continues to expand.

Just as some years are best suited for completing regular academic classes in your area of study, others are also best suited for learning open online courses (OOC). What are you doing to be ready for the changes OOC offers and how can you best integrate online learning into your current curriculum? Read on to find out.

How to Integrate Online Learning

Learning online, from any platform, is the best way to engage students in the study process and provide them with feedback to make improvements.

But by integrating it into your syllabus and resources, you can enhance the learning experience so much more. Here are five main ways to incorporate online learning into your curriculum.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Your faculty have the key insight into learning. Once they decide that a certain lesson is essential for your course’s introduction, you have to go along with them. But, who is your faculty? It may just be a professor in your department, but what if they teach a remote location? How will that affect your routine?

Beneath the scenes of the latest panorama of a city, there are isolated units where, sadly, the time has passed for students to meet new people, ask questions or encounter new and exciting challenges. But, if that specialist department teaches OOC classes, that’s where you should apply your energy.

Even now, course leaders have been found to see an average annual increase of 25% in their teaching portfolio and close to twice as much as their staff on average.

Tap into the Success of the Competition

The competition has changed the landscape of learning and made it a nightmare to be competitive. Nowadays, many top universities see a wide range of programs as a mere means of reaching the top to keep students engaged. They see OOC courses as a point of entry for the rest of the competition.

So, how do you differentiate your courses? By incorporating online learning into them as a form of continuing education, you can continue to grab the attention of potential learners and offer a competitive education that rivals the biggest universities in the world.

Employ It!

Another thing to consider is your role in the job market. In most fields, employers look for highly educated graduates from universities with lots of resources and research.

Online learning can be integrated into your course in several ways. Your professors may present on course topics, while students can progress directly to better online classes.

Teach Yourself How to use Online Tools

Online lessons are consistently integrated into the learnings of every program. But many courses fail because people don’t understand the nuances of a good online learning system and how to interact with each other through it.

No matter what the case, online learning deserves its status as a comprehensive learning space. Find ways to integrate it into your current class for your next semester so it becomes your point of entry.

Don’t Let the Vices Come Between You

Though online learning is the best way to keep students motivated and engaged, there are drawbacks.

There are online forums and academics that have already proven to be toxic online spaces filled with character assassinations, lies, accusations, cheap imitations, trolling, cyberbullying, and excessive posts.

But, how can you safely incorporate the questionable nature of online learning into your current classes? There’s a reason why you never see them at your local college.

The goal is to allow students to interact safely through a contemporary learning platform that provides contact, understanding, and practical feedback.

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