How Do You Create Assessments In Online Learning Platform

So you want to create assessments in your online learning program. But how exactly do you do it?

How Does the Approach to Assessment on Online Learning Platform and How Do You Manage It?

By Maryanne Rollins

Relying heavily on computerized content in courses, education technologies can have a negative impact on learning retention and conversion. So often, you’ll see reports on online learning showing how students aren’t even completing assignments and don’t retain information, or how courses are filled with piecemeal materials. Most of these issues will come into play in subjects like STEM, business or child development, where content is downloaded, stashed and forgotten.

Why Is The Technology So Ineffective?

A study from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County showed that students learn more if they are given longer, one-to-one face-to-face classroom instruction. Other studies suggest that students learn better if they are offered a standardized curriculum with clear assessments and proper grading.

In June 2017, the Schuster Foundation released research analyzing higher education online programs. It found that by quarter four of a ten-course online program, only 19 percent of students were at “proficient” or “very proficient” on the exam given after the course ended. Only 31 percent of students in the TOPPACE: Your Success, Our Innovation online system had attained the highest certification, “advanced.” At nine out of the 10 online programs examined, the average percentage of students reaching “proficient” on the final exam after the program ended was just 23 percent.

How To Ensure Your Students Succeed Online

By the end of the week I would have the students’ exam papers, plus online learning review questions, and prepared talking points. But I would have an entire week to fill before the next course was due and give my last exam to a server over the Internet. This wasn’t always practical. So if, say, we received an online course set on the subject of Y-Nursing and I needed to prepare for it, my year-round or summer students would be able to have a better outcome.

The first step is knowing how well you’ll be doing because you can’t do anything at all if you don’t know how much you need to learn or don’t have up-to-date materials. To get that in order, my team did a big survey of all our summer, fall and winter and spring students to determine what material we’d need to review in the coming months. This was useful because it helped the students prepare and the team collectively set priorities. Once we had an overall list of what we needed to cover, the next step was to make sure the course textbooks worked on all platforms (ranging from traditional print books to interactive apps).

As a team, we made sure all the students had the basics—standards and word usage and word meaning, for example—to start with. Then we studied online learning, reviews and feedback tools to develop individualized assessments of students’ progress. One of the best tools we use to assess students is Context and Content Management, a library of journals, course materials and text of all online courses. Next we look at two student report cards.

Are You Doing Anything Different?

As a team, we used a learning management system to aggregate our course materials and provide a platform that helped us track student progress. These are great tools but they don’t support my grading system. I use grading sheet, a simple study guide and colored pencils with dark side corners to ensure consistency across the courses and in each course. This way, my grading system always is the same: students are at grade four, so no matter what on-line content level they are at, they can be documented at that level.

Our grading system wasn’t convenient, but it was the most accessible option we had at the time. I’m sure there will be others that will work best for us.

In the beginning, there was a lot of back and forth with our students—and maybe students with us—on what tools worked best for us, since the learners were on a test. But we eventually set an approach that made sense for all of us and the learners.

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