How Do Learners Obtain Skills From Online Learning

This looks at the recent thinking on how to enhance enrollment using online learning.

The phenomenon of retraining and accessing proven resources from new ways of learning are still in growth stages, but have already become quite established. Do we own the learning landscape now? If we do, where is it at?

The Panel Driven Learning Model

We have most recently and often times incorrectly attributed the success of Topsy to platforms such as Truvoo, video-editing applications (Truvoo has its own applications as well) and online course providers. You are correct, those are all places where personal growth comes about through interaction with others. However, having a facility in a classroom to engage others in a leader board fashion is a major draw, but ultimately, it is the amount of instructors on the platform that will determine the success of this model.

While this model does not change in any meaningful way with the Internet, the variety of resources out there does. And with an increased focus on what matters most, Learners from professional to the college level can use the Internet to literally see and hear what they want. Being able to find subject matter that offers the areas they need based on the attributes of the content is something that will be critical to their success.

But as connected we are, the accessibility for learners to collaborate with others may differ. I have often utilized services such as TutorLink and ConnectEDU as resources that we utilize from time to time to give a face to someone else in a discussion about an issue in their area. With any online ecosystem, the effect of this global perspective is really quite powerful in bolstering success and serving others in their quest to learn.

The Impact of Embed Video

As the Internet becomes more and more of an effective medium to acquire learning experiences, one place where there are a few pioneers is in the way of embed video platforms. These platforms are essentially searchable text links that enable one to track what content is out there. YouTube is often in the running, but online learning platforms have gained quite a bit of notoriety as well.

Trending, it seems, is the focus on gaining knowledge and learning experiences through sharing experiences. The exposure to the cloud has also been great for this sort of model as well.

New and Even Better Ways to Access Courses

If there is one really interesting and oft-overlooked aspect to online learning, it is just how social it is. As much as individuals don’t like to admit it, in the society that we live in we are social beings. As many of you know, this is evident in schools of all types. In fact, the distance of the classrooms can be emphasized, making the community feel like more than just a meeting to talk through the issues of the day.

With online courses, individuals and groups can learn from their peers and experience benefits through collective learning rather than a classroom that is essentially a collection of brains with individual views on the subject matter. Another such example is off-campus education. Many students now opt to go to school at a variety of campuses and locations from their homes.

You can also take a look at the tactics or approaches used by Skillshare, Meraki, Skillshare, Coursera, and others to help propel your courses into the future.

If the future of online learning rests in the hands of education providers, there are numerous ways to access them or to learn. Then, as we learn more from them, it is also crucial to look to see where this leaves us in the overall evaluation of the overall industry.

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