How Do I Sell Learning Spanish Materials Online

Learn a new language with this online tutorial that teaches you Spanish vocabulary and phrases.

How Do I Sell Learning Spanish Materials Online

It’s almost impossible.

“I would love to buy and sell learning materials and books in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish well enough to read or write,” writes Alex, a software engineer from southern Florida. “However, I enjoy learning from books and working with words and it’s a lot easier than doing it myself.”

This is a common sentiment among Spanish-speaking Americans who want to learn a second language but don’t know how. And much like buying a used car, it’s a big ask to turn over a book to a stranger on the side of the road in hopes they’ll read it and pass it along to someone else.

The good news is, you can now actually sell these learning materials online, as well as your Spanish textbooks, without having to trust someone you don’t know and who could outsource your language work to a third party — to a third party that might pass it onto someone who’s not you.

With the rise of technology and online services, there are new opportunities for the novice to sell learning materials. And it’s important to keep in mind you do need to get a written contract in writing, at least a few weeks prior to consigning your items. And the paper term sheet is required for a K-12 teacher selling or for obtaining a prepaid education card through the federal program SSA.


Amazon offers open marketplaces for third-party sellers. And there’s even an Amazon French marketplace. Don’t be surprised if some deals seem too good to be true. The seller has to fulfill the order, collect payment, make sure it’s received by the customer, and ship it.


This seller can send any product to any address in the United States. And as a bonus, CurryUpNY accepts the transfer of money to people in Syria.

The new website focuses on serving up one-on-one language instruction online. Users can just book for online or in-person lessons using the platform.

Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish is another option online. Depending on which level you want to take, it may be helpful to know which ones you already know, or you might need the help of a tutor to connect you with others in your community. Learn Spanish provides a listing of native speakers in your area who are willing to provide you with instructional services.

Readers, what websites and services would you recommend?

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