How Do I Recruit Instructors For My Online Learning Platform is an online resource for transitioning school and community college instructors from jobs and classroom performance to earn their degrees.

How Do I Recruit Instructors For My Online Learning Platform

Co.Labs, the digital marketing company, sees everything from getting a personal trainer to working your way up the company ranks. The startup — founded by two tech entrepreneurs who had to make do with microwaves and candles in their early career — is fast becoming a go-to for companies who need help with their digital marketing campaigns.

This week, the company celebrated its biggest milestone yet, signing up its 11,000th student. “We give the people what they want: simple programs to be successful with today’s daily life,” says Co.Labs CEO and co-founder Marcus Eastwood. “The platform has caught fire for businesses seeking a supportive and professional workplace.”

As the platform’s growth continues to keep pace with its 10-year anniversary, the company is looking for more instructors — and they are looking for the right kind of instructors.

How to Recruit

Eastwood explains that it’s all about finding the right kind of instructor for your business. “We can’t compete with big name brands, nor should we. We are strictly a platform for small businesses. Instead, we seek to develop workgroups.”

To start working with Co.Labs, interested instructors should have a passion for working with small businesses. As the head of a company that, himself, sold a company for $80 million, Eastwood says he was highly motivated to help people develop powerful online, mobile and e-commerce platforms.

“We take a two-pronged approach: train our own internal instructors, while at the same time continually looking for other brilliant minds to join the team.”

We love to note that Eastwood and his coworkers left their old jobs as simple entrepreneurs and fast-talking salesmen to help run small businesses.

Luckily, they found a way: Co.Labs pays its instructors more than they could ever make as an average rep. In exchange, the company is all about having efficient, effective and cheap tutors.

All lessons are perfect for less than $25, and are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Common mistakes and why they should never be made

After hundreds of users started using the platform, Westwood realized that there was one main negative about it: The instructors gave messages that didn’t align with the company’s vision.

“We learned that the best way to ensure success is to first own your message from the first day. When your business was founded, it was your vision that gave you the launch pad. Always consider that your audience is not just your fellow students, or your tutor, but also the brand and the creator of that brand.”

He also shared that the team often sits back and applauds their instructors’ efforts, which adds to the overall effectiveness of the platform.

Another issue that instructors come up with is success rates with each lesson.

“That’s something we take extremely seriously,” said Eastwood. “If a lesson fails, we take it very personally. Each instructor should aim to have that person graduate, and we’ll assist them in any way we can. But it’s really hard to blame yourself when you can’t accomplish the goal in your first attempt.”

Learn to sell other people’s ideas

Another common mistake Eastwood has witnessed is that instructors underestimate the potential of the student.

“With each degree, each story, our students acquire a much larger opportunity.” Eastwood said. “Our job is to help students find the best way to tell their story and help the brand’s story resonate with the customer. It’s different than telling someone your best sales pitch, or your best self-promotion story.”

He noted that some instructors set the bar too high for themselves, and assume their students will always be on board.

“That makes it hard for other instructors to know when they’re not reaching their potential, and that’s what makes the whole process so fun. At Co.Labs, our priority is to build a best practice system for raising the bar. Then we’ll support instructors until they achieve that goal. We think people should learn to deliver the best possible delivery — and then share.”

If you’re interested in helping other companies use digital marketing, sign up for Co.Labs as an instructor.

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