How Do I Find Online Learning On K-12

As the concept of school online evolves, many parents still struggle to identify online courses available for their kids.

How Do I Find Online Learning On K-12

Scott Hasting tweeted, “20% of the majors I listed on my applications were taken by completely unrelated people (!!!) We can thank tech for making it possible. If only the arts had advanced so fast.”

A multi-billion dollar industry has developed around K-12 tech, especially from Netflix, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, K12 Education, and more. Investors think that investing in K-12 technology is a good way to reach a younger generation that can’t be reached through traditional means.

There is a variety of ways to make K-12 education more affordable and give back to the community while giving students the tools they need to be successful. But it doesn’t work for everyone. An idea for using the internet to inspire and connect the next generation of students and teachers? Well, now there’s the HereIOne app.

One of the biggest challenges is helping K-12 educators (or even parents) find online learning material. One of the big issues is that instructors or instructors and their IP addresses are more commonly associated with the internet than with the specific online content providers who are offering such services.

But there are ways to find online learning material with time savings, easy-to-use platforms, and less noise. One of the biggest updates to college course materials was a tool called OpenCourseWare. Anyone could upload their lecture transcripts, online lecture notes, and other course-related materials. Even the name itself sounded like a great idea! Imagine how many students could access this content and potentially save money! Unfortunately, OCLW has recently been criticized for not allowing some courses to be opened to the public. With the financial crisis looming over many K-12 teachers and their students, we have to think long and hard before using our taxpayer dollars for something that won’t give this generation of students any real hope.

By downloading and using HereIOne, students, teachers, and parents have access to a curated library of open resources from around the world. In order to start using HereIOne, you must request a free account and create a token in one of the platforms. When your token is activated, you can use it to access the largest library of academic open content for free.

To get you started with HereIOne, I’ve created a My courses page to highlight a wide variety of courses I found using hereione. At the top is my class “It’s Not Supposed to be This Easy!” with a disclaimer that stated, “Unprepared For College: What you should know before starting college.” Below is my undergraduate major track record of completing credits, with two online “weekends” using HereIone as one of the tools.

First, you’ll find a summary of the topic on hereione, each of the courses on that topic, and the links to each course. In addition, each class portal allows for taking notes, highlighting content, and viewing screenshots, so you can see exactly what you’re getting into.

Then you’ll find the class address and course center, which are the three layers from which you can navigate. Additionally, you can find badges for completing courses, multimedia reviews from other students, and all of the information on courses. From there, you’ll click on “Immediately and Easily” to download a document to take notes and save as your password. Also, You can upload documents.

Unlike with other platforms, you can actually take classes on HereIone with cloud applications like Google Docs and Blender. In addition, the “Awareness & Self-Assessment” link on the dashboard allows you to tap into the course material directly from inside You’ll also find everything inside your HereIone app. An “Inbox” contains notifications about when new courses become available, if courses are available at a lower price or if new courses are subject to expiration.

HereIone is always evaluating new courses that require a subscription. You can check whether a course is free, a paid fee, or access for a limited time. When a course is available, you’ll receive an email with a link to the course. Just click the link to see the materials, and sign up. Once you’re signed up, the course can be easily accessed.

It’s easier to get around to specific classes than with other platforms. Students can start with open resources just as they would their online course materials, just as they would a printed textbook. Teachers can quickly access all of the material and necessary materials with the help of icons and swipe controls on their phone or tablet. It’s an amazing tool that includes all of the key elements of a great university experience, and with a minimal amount of effort

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