How Do I Access Online Learning Through Teds?

The latest podcasts in Teds’ New Common Knowledge Series focuses on how you can access university courses through the Teds app.

While nearly every U.S. institution offers some sort of online course or degree, not every degree or class is offered or taught exclusively online. Enrollment is typically reduced in those speciality classes and courses where students may not have the time or the resources to take offline courses. Plus, many of the more popular online courses and degrees are used as pass/fail courses, so applying to those programs is cumbersome or completely impossible, unless you score very high in the key prerequisite subjects like algebra or biology.

However, in order to reduce the hassle of becoming an entrepreneur and succeeding in the tech and investment spaces, there are a number of opportunities for students that start with only online courses. If you’re interested in mastering this common tech word like New Relic, IDEO, Marketo, or Tableau, but also want to achieve financial success, here are a few ideas for securing the required info you need.

Relax for a minute and start at the beginning

From the beginning of the program, you must first establish your on-campus course as your self-paced alternative. Establishing this counterpoint to your “target” online courses will enable you to finally realize that you have no interest in online. Start slow with a single course and be strategic in your view of distance learning. Do your homework. Make sure you can listen to your professor at least one hour every week in person, ideally. Set up a calendar reminder with any reminder sources so you can check in during class. In a sense, you can actually prepare for class by listening to your professors. You should also ask faculty members to be part of your course offerings list in case your courses begin to make sense for your circumstances.

But what about development?

Perhaps you have a sense that your path will lead you to become a founding member of an early-stage startup that would value content. There are services like Teds4Life that make it a whole lot easier to learn development from scratch. Teds has students answer 10 questions per week (such as “What was your greatest growth problem from the current course?” and “When did you establish your process for development?”) and then receive a course-based analysis of the problems you answered, along with the results. This is complemented by a strong “workbook” resource with a clear explanation of the actual learning and development path that you’ve chosen for yourself. To boost your education, you can request financial help, so hire a coach for a few hours, or join a partner who wants to mentor you remotely.

Find someone who has a similar career path as you.

If you have additional need for content and assistance in regard to building an online company, this may be an opportunity for you to combine what you want to achieve, with the need to learn programming skills. The site writes: “Our site empowers you to launch your own companies— without the distraction of office hours or long-winded meetings.” While this sounds like the perfect step to take as a rookie, you may need a little more time and help for certain technical skills. You’ll probably benefit from looking at the site, and using your thinking as a way to dive deeper into your topics and topics that you seek to discuss. Enlist the help of other successful members who have learned in these ways before you.

If you decide you’ll need to expand your learning beyond something like Teds4Life, support group membership will soon become a part of your learning experience, as well. For those of you who don’t yet have funding and access to a live team, there are community service opportunities like Facebook Live U and Taught by Teds. New Relic, for example, helped promote the free teacher guide to Growth Hacking, so now anyone and everyone can gain insights from leading product and tech minds.

Optimize your time

Get out of the clouds! Take advantage of your communal class spaces. New Relic’s live question-and-answer sessions allow you to crowdsource questions from all over the world. Using New Relic’s free app for iOS or Android devices, you can scan the questions and answers in a pre-scored queue, and benefit from responding right away. Use course resources and reviews from peers to reach out to other New Relic learners in your community to start a new course or ask a question about your course or gap.

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