How Could Using Blackboard Facilitate Learning And Interaction In An Online Classroom

What could real-time video collaboration mean for the future of online learning?

How Could Using Blackboard Facilitate Learning And Interaction In An Online Classroom

Being allowed to invite friends into a classroom is an important part of being in a real classroom. We can’t accept or look down upon people for attempting to make this a reality. However, in some classrooms, the idea of inviting friends isn’t a feasible. How could it be though?

If we look to people’s activities and peer input, we can gather a very valuable idea. Do the students like each other? Do they want to learn together? What makes a class successful?

Classrooms Have Daily Exercises And Reading

People, for lack of a better term, pay attention in class and study. Most of the times, a class is studying. There are homework sets, research questions, learning loops, and a whole bunch of various activities.

These daily activities and reader are going to help to cover the content and help people keep focused on something. However, what makes it so much more engaging is getting everyone’s input into the class. We want to get those peers’ thoughts on the topics they will be studying, and we want to get everyone to help define the learning goals and integrate this into the class.

Adding Facial Recognition

Once you have those classes setup, how can you combine the everyday classroom activity of the course with the online tool to make it interesting? In most of the schools, you’re going to find that there will be a webcam. That’s not an issue because it will be relatively simple to add facial recognition to the class.

This is where the irony lies because there are a whole bunch of implementation techniques in place to make this work. Let’s say the teacher blocks the camera during the lecture. We don’t really need to cover that. Instead, we’ll use this time as a theme. Do the bots help to create a setting where the students can relax, interact, or collaborate on certain aspects of the work?

The little teaching bots, whether they are good or bad, will help to enhance this sense of community. Let’s not forget these bots are being used within live classes anyway.

Blurring The Lines Between Online and Offline

If you want to get these bots integrated into the class, how do you make it become an interactive activity? One of the easiest ways is for the faculty members to add it to the “learn as you go” functionality on the website.

If the class is a series of thematic discussions, then you should immediately be able to hide the robots within those discussions. If it’s individual topics that you want to learn from, then create a bot that’s purpose-specific and whose sole purpose is that.

How Do Bots Help With Time Management?

In order to make these bots useful, instructors should use this technology to our advantage. Take the tutoring in particular. If students need help with comprehension, there should be bots that facilitate their learning.

These bots can function in different ways. For example, you can have them based on the subject that they’re working on. Someone who is studying Physics could have one bot that’s focused on grammar, language, and pattern recognition. Another one could be asking them about everyday things, while another could ask them to figure out whether or not this coffee was green or black.

How Can The Class Get More Excited When They Get Work Done?

If you want these bots to be useful, then a significant portion of the people involved in the classroom must be excited.

Remember, students are not hired just to learn. They’re hired to learn. In order to get out there and experience something new, they have to actively feel as if they’re learning. When they get what they need, they lose interest.

When it comes to getting people engaged in the class, the students must feel the benefits of the technology. This can be done by allowing them to boost their grades, provide feedback and constructive criticism, be entertained by the different technology that’s being utilized, and appreciate the spirit of community that’s being created in the classroom.

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