How Can Online Learning Help Me

Before I became a software engineer, I didn’t know what cloud was. My skill set was still more “hands on,” and I didn’t understand the meaning of computers, people or anything like that.

I am currently working on my Bachelor of Applied Science in Social Work. After securing my degree I’m eager to find a job. For a bit of background, I am a native of Brazil. After graduating from university I taught elementary school until we started hearing about it being difficult to obtain a master’s degree. Since then I moved to America and received my MBA from the University of Chicago.

In 2015, I started getting anxious to learn more about online learning. We used to have online test prep for the general equivalency exam which takes years to complete. As with all people, I started looking around for ways to progress in my education. I got started reading about online courses and searching for academic programs. I was happy that I could contact schools online through platforms like UPKU for Korean New York University. Some of the schools I researched on, were Fudan University, Regent University in Seoul, La Sierra University and Cal State Bakersfield. I currently have a Korean master’s degree from Regent.

Students that attended online courses at Fudan University spend 24 years before they earn their degree. The Chinese 2 year program is open to students of any gender and any nationality. Parents of two parents in two provinces like the students. Family members of the students also can take part in the program. However, at the end of the program students will only transfer their credits to the universities of the universities in China. Even if you finished your master’s degree at Regent, you won’t be able to transfer your credits to any universities of the UK, Korea or US.

SS: Who was your inspiration for taking this route?

CJ: My inspiration was my father. He was interested in studying and writing poetry. Since my family’s environment in Brazil doesn’t encourage studying, I had to learn through reading books. As my parents were supporting me financially it was sometimes hard to go to school. Through online classes my father had to suspend his professional career so I could learn. During my bachelor’s degree I already knew how hard it is to go to school. Since I love reading, I decided to take a hands-on approach. I know students like myself have a hard time balancing studying, having a job and attending university. Online programs are the way forward.

SS: What do you expect from your studies?

CJ: My expectations are that my degree will equip me with knowledge about social services and the psychology of the people with a mental disability. These skills can be applied on the job and in everyday life. Also, I think I will gain the experience and the mindset to work for organizations that take on social service cases.

SS: How did you feel during your first semester at Regent?

CJ: My first semester at Regent was very difficult. My studies were happening in two countries where English is not the first language. In South Korea my professors were not as familiar with English and couldn’t help me. We also had language barrier. Gradually the professors understood me better and I became more and more confident. Now, I don’t feel the same kind of cultural and language barriers anymore.

SS: What’s the best part of the program?

CJ: For me the best part is after you finish your classes, whether in the field or at home, you are no longer preoccupied with the school. In South Korea, university is just a small part of my life. Now I have more time for work.

SS: What’s the hardest part of the program?

CJ: My biggest struggle was choosing the right type of programs. I chose an online program because of time. I wanted to study what I wanted when I wanted to. In South Korea this is difficult as everyone uses traditional education in his or her life. However, in America that’s impossible. For me, online classes were the right choice. On the other hand, I still think it would be ideal to take up a traditional undergraduate program.

SS: How do you plan to market yourself after your degree?

CJ: After I graduate I am transferring to the University of Chicago to do my Doctorate in Social Work. I am planning to be a social worker who works for a big health-care organization in the United States. I want to find a job that offers a proper time-to-knowledge ratio. I feel that South Korea is very short on this.

SS: Tell us about your family and hobbies

CJ: I am an active blogger. I also enjoy reading and watching modern dance. I would like to move toward a life in which I am a good community-organizer.

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